2007 Trentatre Rosso

2007 Trentatre RossoPrice: $5.99 @ Trader Joe’s imported by Santini Fine Wines

What They Said:

Per the bottle “Trentatre in Italian means: Thirty-three. We came up with this belnd of three exciting varietals quite by chance when barrel tasting “TATA” a Montepulciano is the winemaker’s cellar. Amongst the barrels of Montepulciano ageing in the wine cellars, we discovered Merlot and Cabernet which had been sitting in oak barrels for quite some time used on occasions for blending. We were of the opinion that if one was to make a wine using Montepulciano (earthy, tannic with hints of cherry) with Cabernet (rich, intense and long lasting) and then add Merlot (soft, ripe and juicy) we may have reinvented the wheel (just kidding). Blending an equal amount of these three varietals, barrel aged for six months and bada-bing you get 33! Hence the name Trentatre.”

What I Think:

Another one I’ve been drinking for a while, this was bottle three or four, but been slow to review. As mentioned above, Trentatre is Italian for “33” which represents the blend percentage for three grapes that make up this wine; Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Montepulciano. This one is super Tuscan-“ish” compared to my standby Italian offerings which are bright and acidic. On the nose you get dried cherry petals and a hint of mint. The palate starts with the same cherries before delivering a coffee (grounds) component. The body is full and plush and the wine is well balanced with tannins throughout. The finish is dry, a bit chalky and shows some oak along with lasting, dusty chocolate notes. It seems to have more age to it than the “2007” listed on the bottle. Perhaps the Cab and Merlot were truly sitting around for “quite some time”. Either way, I’m sure I’ll grab another bottle or two of this one on my next Trader Joe’s run.

Rating: Buy It

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42 thoughts on “2007 Trentatre Rosso

  1. I love trying blended wines like the Gypsy. On the other hand, Wondering if Velvet Moon Cabernet S.(from Trader Moon wine Co.) is on your Hit List -Jason or anyone ?

  2. @Renee – Glad to hear you enjoyed it

    @Andy – Likewise, glad to hear you enjoyed it. As for thanking me for the recommendation thanks for letting me know you liked it. Always brings a smile to my face…

  3. I am a big fan of this wine, as are many others who visit our store. This has been real success story from Italy and has also gotten people to try the Tato Montepulciano which is pretty darned nice too (albeit a little more expensive).

    Oh, and the Norelo Del Bastardo (now with one L, due to complaints from Italian wine makers) finally came back (as an ’06) and is well worth a try.

  4. My wife and I opened two of these bottles, one with pasta and one at a party with friends. Both times they went over very, very well. Thanks for the honest review, I look forward to your help in the future with TJ’s wine which can be a steal at under $10!

  5. The “33 Red” delivers in balance the necessary components of an Italian table wine — it’s dry, flavorful and restrained — and still provides enough depth to be drunk on its own. Of all the bargain Italian reds sold at TJs, including the Epicuro offerings, this is the best, and what’s more, with braille on the label, you can find it in the dark!

  6. @PeterB I thought about revisiting the Tato based on this, I’ll add it to the queue. I already have the Bastardo in the rack, hope to get to it soon!

    @UnderTheInfluence I’ve been enjoying bottle after bottle of this one and try as I might find it difficult to disagree with your assessment of this being the best of the best in Italian value offerings at Trader Joe’s. Thanks for the reminder on the braille, next time the power is out I’ll remember to track this one down…

    @Angela Any idea on how much is left? I see it some locations but not others. That usually leads me to believe the end is near and it is time to stock up…

  7. Eeek. I’m sorry to say that I found nothing memorable, exceptional or noteworthy about this one. I got through two and half small glasses of this wine before I sent it down the drain. Using Jason’s rating system, this wine merits no higher that a Skip It rating, IMHO. The difference between my experience and that of Jason’s may be our palattes and that Jason has mentioned previously that he likes Italian wines that are very dry, whereas I prefer Italian fruit bombs over the dry Italian wines. In any case, Vive la difference!

  8. DH and I tried this for the first time tonight after reading the new top 10 list and absolutely loved it. We live ~30 minutes from TJs but are going to go back tomorrow to get some more. Another great recommendation!!!

  9. Jason, I’m new to your blog, but really enjoy reading your reviews. I bought this “33″ a couple months back and absolutely LOVE the wine. I’m down to my last bottle and am opening it tonight with some homemade baked Ziti that my lovely wife is making. Can’t wait to enjoy the Pasta and Wine together! I’ll be headed out tomorrow to buy a case of “33″ if I can find it.

  10. Today was the first time I have visited your blog, Jason, and I’m glad I did. I live five minutes from the Westfield, NJ Trader Joe’s and decided to take a look at some of your recommendations. I was stunned by the first one I’ve opened, the 2007 Tentatre Rosso, which definitely has the bod and the depth to be priced in the $15-20 range minimum. At $6 a bottle, this is a ridiculously good buy and I will be returning for a case in the next few days. You cannot afford not to try this….and it’s worth more than twice the cost of Charles Shaw Cab too.

  11. This a good wine but many others seem to be paying in the $5-6 range. At that range it is a steal. My local Trader Joes has this for $8.99 and for that price there is better wines. Why so expensive at my location?

  12. @Danny Sorry I led you astray on this one…As you mention we may have different palates when it comes to Italy. Hopefully I can make up for it soon!

    @Karen So glad you liked it! Thanks for the kind words and hope you were able to track down some more…

    @MikeyB Thanks for the comment. Any left at your store?

    @Brad Thanks for the compliment! Hope you were able to find some more

    @Simon Glad I could help you find something you enjoyed! Hope you were able to stock up…

    @Zach Interesting! I know on trips to the midwest I have seen $1 increases in price but never have seen and/or heard about a $3 increase. If you don’t mind me asking where are you located?

  13. Thanks for the tip on this bad boy. They had plenty at the Sunnyvale TJs and it was quite clear why this could be the #1 on your top 10 upon first sip. Great stuff, keep ‘em coming!

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