2007 Trentatre Rosso

2007 Trentatre RossoPrice: $5.99 @ Trader Joe’s imported by Santini Fine Wines

What They Said:

Per the bottle “Trentatre in Italian means: Thirty-three. We came up with this belnd of three exciting varietals quite by chance when barrel tasting “TATA” a Montepulciano is the winemaker’s cellar. Amongst the barrels of Montepulciano ageing in the wine cellars, we discovered Merlot and Cabernet which had been sitting in oak barrels for quite some time used on occasions for blending. We were of the opinion that if one was to make a wine using Montepulciano (earthy, tannic with hints of cherry) with Cabernet (rich, intense and long lasting) and then add Merlot (soft, ripe and juicy) we may have reinvented the wheel (just kidding). Blending an equal amount of these three varietals, barrel aged for six months and bada-bing you get 33! Hence the name Trentatre.”

What I Think:

Another one I’ve been drinking for a while, this was bottle three or four, but been slow to review. As mentioned above, Trentatre is Italian for “33” which represents the blend percentage for three grapes that make up this wine; Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Montepulciano. This one is super Tuscan-“ish” compared to my standby Italian offerings which are bright and acidic. On the nose you get dried cherry petals and a hint of mint. The palate starts with the same cherries before delivering a coffee (grounds) component. The body is full and plush and the wine is well balanced with tannins throughout. The finish is dry, a bit chalky and shows some oak along with lasting, dusty chocolate notes. It seems to have more age to it than the “2007” listed on the bottle. Perhaps the Cab and Merlot were truly sitting around for “quite some time”. Either way, I’m sure I’ll grab another bottle or two of this one on my next Trader Joe’s run.

Rating: Buy It

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42 thoughts on “2007 Trentatre Rosso

  1. @Kevin Glad you enjoyed this one. I saw a whole new end cap display in a local TJ’s (Larkspur) this weekend. Whenever a bottling disappears and comes back to the shelves I always worry that another batch (inferior in quality) was made to fulfill the larger than expected demand. I grabbed one bottle to see if that is the case but have yet to try. Hope not! Your initial indication certainly bodes well.

  2. Jason, this wine really rocks! It’s got all the classic notes that I look for in an Italian wine. I agree with all your tasting notes. I especially like the tannins throughout.


  3. The 2008 just arrived in our store, and we
    decided to do a taste test. I opened a bottle, poured and sipped, and found it thinner than I had remembered the 07 being.

    Much to my chagrin I noticed that I had grabbed a bottle of ’07 by mistake. I repeated the process with the ’08 and was very pleasantly surprised to find it to be more full bodied and lush than the ’07.

    Will do more tests at home, but so far, I am liking the new vintage even more than the last one.

  4. I don’t like the 2008 as much as the first vintage. This one seems significantly sweeter and like it could have been aged less. I detected notes of fig, prune, and dried cherry. There’s still a nice dusty chocolate and maybe cinnamon element hidden underneath the fruit. Good but no longer stands above TJ’s strong Italian red competition at the price.

  5. Readers, thank you for the comments!
    Adrian J. a 30-year veteran of TJ’s just sold a few bottles of this to my wife and I was very taken with the ample fruit + earthy undertone. It was the ’07 and I’ll go back for more of this because it seems to have the tannin required for at least 4 years of cellaring. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the Nero d’Avolo. It’s just one peg above in complexity and brute strength (tannin.)

  6. Jason – First of all Great Website, excellent wine infomation for a novice. I used your #1 pick Trentatare 2007 at a wine tasting party with 7 other couples and the wine comptition was tough bottles up to $80.00 and Trentatare won hands down. Thanks for the great pick

  7. Jason,
    Thank you so much for the recommendation. LOVE this wine. Husband tried it for the first time and is asking me to get a case for our cellar. Good work Jason. Keep going!


  8. Unfortunately, I don’t live near a TJ’s. Can you recommend something similar I could find at a local wine store?

    Thanks so much,

  9. Hi, I am very new to drinking wine and really appreciate your guidance, especially because I find TJ’s offerings intriguing but have zero basis to start with. Thanks!

  10. Trentatre seems to be disappearing from TJs right about now, and I suspect the vintage is depleted. Great, full-bodied party wine with some complexity, but not a lot of subtlety. Excellent choice for the price.

  11. My wife purchased this wine recently on her motherlode shop at TJ’s and when we opened the 07, wow we were really surprised. Then we shared a bottle with some friends who travel to Italy for a month every year…they were REALLY pleased and very surprised with the price, said they wanted to buy a case for their cellar. Tj’s is quickly running out of the 07, so buy now.

  12. @PeterB and @Don Thanks for your take on the ’08. My ’07 stock is almost dry so I’ll be giving that one a try shortly. @PeterB did you more “tests”?

    @Lucien Agree that it could last a few years but for me it is drinking well enough right now!

    @AlSanders, @maria and @anna Thanks for the kind words on the blog! Al, amazing that it took down an $80 bottle of wine. Someone went home really disappointed!

    @anne The Falesco Vitiano has Cab and Merlot along with Sangiovese and is usually easy to track down. Cost Plus/World Market usually carries it for around $8.

    @FrancisM Glad I can help out!

    @manskybook I always worry when Trader Joe’s wines roll from one year to the next as you never now what the next vintage will bring. Seems like the ’08 is not quite the wine the ’07 is per the comments above.

    @Patrick Glad to hear you (and your friends!) enjoyed it. Hope they found the ’07 before it disappeared…

  13. Jason,
    I found this wine, and will try it shortly, believe it or not i found it at The Grocery Outlet, sometimes they have some great bargains, and great finds… will keep you posted. Sante!

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  15. 2009 Trentatre is a big departure, with only the earthy component in common with the 08. I get broccoli, red cabbage, carrot, dead leaves, soil, and raw mushroom. If I strain hard enough, there may be a hint of cherry or plum. The acidity is good, tannins minimal, and alcohol too obvious. I appreciated the educational and novelty value but would only consider buying again out of curiosity if it evolves in ~10 months.

  16. Unfortunately I was not able to fine the 07 however unlike others I did fine the 09 good. and would by it again. This is my first time ever writhing in you great blog. But you write such great reviews I was compelled to write something

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