2008 Spiral Wines Cabernet Sauvignon

2008 Spiral Wines Cabernet SauvignonPrice: $4.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

Not a word, some mumbo jumbo that had nothing to do with the wine on the bottle. A google search turned up a phone number, a call to the number led to Fior di Sole which is a premium bulk wine supplier in Napa Valley who “separates itself from the competition by creating quality, not just quantity-based lots purposed for the bulk wine market.” To wrap up the story the custom/private label winemaking unit goes by the moniker Spiral Wines. Anyhow I sent them a message, I’ll let you know should I hear anything back on the wine itself…

What I Think:

A Napa Cab for five bones? First thought, must be a Bronco Wine Co. offering in the same vain as Napa Creek or Napa Landing. If DP hadn’t tipped me off to this one in his comment I might have glossed right past it. As you can tell from the research above my initial perception was not correct. Which leads me to my next thought…is the economy really at the point where we can get a bottle of Napa Valley Cab for $4.99? It seems so, next thought. Who sold this wine off in bulk? We will likely never know. But there is one questions we can answer: Is it any good?

The nose is muted but displays some faint cherry and oak aromas. In the mouth this medium bodied efforts starts juicy before a firm acidity quickly shows itself. Towards the mid-palate cherry and plum notes emerge. These give way to a dry, herbal finish that shows a hint of creaminess on a finish that lingers nicely. As I mentioned on twitter this one grew on me with each sip. Though it shows some good pieces; fruit, creaminess, herbs and acidity, they don’t quite all come together here. That said, I see a glimpse of potential here. It is worth another bottle to see if perhaps some more time to integrate these components will treat this bottle kindly. Stay tuned…

Rating: 12th Bottle (for now…)

Anyone else out there had this one? Love to hear your thoughts.

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38 thoughts on “2008 Spiral Wines Cabernet Sauvignon

  1. We would expect the new 2009 Spiral Napa Sauvignon Blanc to start showing up at TJ’s toward the end of April.I will keep you posted .

  2. I found this by accident in TJ’s, brought it home, and wow, we were very surprised by this 5 dollar beauty.

    TJ’s can’t seem to keep it stocked more than 2 days, but they have not had a problem keeping it coming in.

  3. This $5 cab belongs in the top 10 for sure. It has a beautiful dark fruit meets dark chocolate covered espresso beans profile. At the moment this is my favorite <$10 wine.

  4. We are big Rodney Strong Cab fans, but their price has slowly crept up over the years, so we were looking for something more affordable for “table wine.” I pulled a bottle of the Spiral Wine thinking it would probably end up as cooking wine or down the drain, but it was terrific…and the price even better. I also tried a bottle of Liberte cab ($9.99 @ TJ’s), also smooth and nice.

  5. A friend of mine recommended this wine to my girlfriend and I a while back. We most commonly always drink Cabernet Sauvignon and were very surprised by what the 2008 Spiral had to offer. I have payed much more for a bottle that was not nearly as good. One thing that I don’t know whether is correct is that we tasted an almost vanilla flavor that lingered. Very delightful.

  6. This is excellent wine and we enjoyed every bit of it.
    Note that they have raised the price to $5.99 this year but still worth it.

  7. Got a bottle of 2010 Spiral Cab at TJ in San Diego Nov 2 and it was very good. Price was the same $4.99. So the $5.99 price noted above is not in So Cal.

  8. Brought this Spiral Wines, Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 wine home from Trader Joe’s in California, and just opened it. Wow, what a GREAT wine. We live in Idaho, now how do we get more of this wine…..Reno is the closest Trader Joe’s.

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