2008 Spiral Wines Chardonnay

Price: $4.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

2008 Spiral Wines ChardonnayPer Trader Joe’s Holiday Guide “Affable, quaffable – this is a Chardonnay that balances acidity, body and flavors gracefully. Having aged for 8 months in French & American Oak, it has a round mouthfeel that spirals in complexity serving to highlight the fruit driven character of the wine. It delivers floral aromas and flavors of crisp green apple, fresh cut peaches… a touch of honey. Elegantly framed by hints of spice, vanilla and toasted oak – it serves well with a holiday meal.”

What I Think:

I covered what I knew about the Spiral Wines label earlier. As mentioned there, this one seems to be a sourced concoction. Are you interested in my take? I find this one full of nectarines but lacking a crispness and/or acid to balance this one out. Fruity and flabby in my opinion though perhaps I should try another bottle before passing judgment. That said the VINTJS is much better for the $ in my humble opinion. What do you think?

Rating: Skip It

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9 thoughts on “2008 Spiral Wines Chardonnay

  1. Agree with the skip it rating. Not that this is not a decent wine, there’s just better choices for the price. I do like the grapefruit tinge with the nutty hint characteristics. But being perplexed is not what this wine is about. It’s a good holiday/festive wine to enjoy with friends and not break the bank. Good solid review!

  2. On a totally unrelated note, my local TJs has the 2006 Robert Stemmler RRV Nugent Vineyard Pinot Noir going for $19. It’s listed at $40 on the winery site. Thought you might like to know-that’s a pretty solid price for a single vineyard RRV Pinot.

  3. Disagree almost completely with comments above. This is maybe the best $5 Chardonnay I’ve tasted (in fact I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a good one. $7 is another matter). It’s buttery, with a touch of citrus. Not complex but come on its 5 bucks. Those VINTJS wines are all over the place. Way too acidic.

  4. Spiral Chardonnay (2008) is a good buy for the money. It is slightly buttery in the mode of Rombauer, yet not quite there. The citrus touch is smooth and not overwhelming. I would buy it again to see if it is consistent.

  5. Had some of the Spiral Wines Cab with a friend the other night on a visit and really liked it. Now I cant find it anywhere. Where in the world do I find this??

  6. I am trying to find at least the Spiral Wine Chardonnay and my Trader Joe’s does not carry it anymore. Where can I find it?

  7. Karen,
    If you’re into Sauvugnon Blanc, try Overlake SB for the same price as Spiral. It’s well balanced in fruit flavors and acidityand an excellent nose too. Nothingcomplex.I think many will like it.

  8. Hi Josh..
    A friend and I went to Trader Joe’s and was told they would not carry Spiral Chardonnay anymore..this was at the Burien store in Washington State. Would you happen to know where we could buy it in the Seattle area..we love it.

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