2009 Green Fin White Wine

2009 Green Fin White WinePrice: $3.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

Per the bottle “This Green Fin White Table Wine is made entirely from organically grown grapes. This pale straw colored wine has very intense orange blossom and honey aromatics while delivering a full rich body with a core of pear and nectarine flavors followed by a smooth aftertaste that’s long and focussed. Savor the flavor of this organically grown white table wine with your favorite meal or by itself. Enjoy!”

What I Think:

I heard about this one ages before it arrived, can’t quite remember where I initially came across it. PeterB was the first one to mention it here and tipped me off to the blend components; Sultana (which he notes is also known as Thompson Seedless grape), Columbard and Muscat, which I was able to confirm via Wine Business. So what did I think?

Clear in color and clean with citrus and floral notes on the nose. The early palate shows lemon rocks (mineral) which are eventually washed out by a (residual) sugar component that is close to, but not quite, overpowering. The palate finishes slightly flabby and syrupy before a tart finish that shows promises of crispness. Not to be had on its own, perhaps as a Gewurzt/Riesling substitute with spicy foods. Too sweet for me but guessing many people may think differently. I have one more bottle left; so stay tuned. In the meantime I can’t recommend it based on my palate. If it sounds like it is up your alley feel free to give it a go… Fred predicts it is going to be a “million-bottle plus-brand”, what say you?

Rating: Skip It

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33 thoughts on “2009 Green Fin White Wine

  1. Yeah, it’s definitely “off-dry”, I liked the nose on it, the small amount I had was tasty and most of the rest of the Crew liked it. Many of my customers will enjoy it, especially at $4.
    Perhaps treating it as an inexpensive
    “dessert-style” wine, serving it well chilled with a lemon tart or lemon bars?

  2. This is another Hustle Buys that Trader Joe’s has gotten their hands on. I have to say that this bottle is not one of their best Hustle Buy offers. Keep a look out for another Hustle Buy 2008 Koehler Cabernet. It is a $30 bottle that we have for $6.99. I write the wine for TJ’s in Irvine Ca so I have some good inside info to give if needed.

  3. @JB: Yeah, not one of our best, but it’s easy-drinkin’ and $4. Definitely not in the same league as the TJ’s Reserve Rutherford Meritage, Paso Robles Syrah or the Koehler.
    At least its better than the Fife, but not by much. ; )

    • @Angela I stopped in my local TJ’s last night and couldn’t find the Koehler, any idea if it is still available in the order guide? Guessing I may have missed the boat on this one…

  4. Bought two bottles but was a mistake after the first taste I knew there were much better white table wines than this at Trader Joe’s – skip this one

  5. @Angela I figured this was one others would like more than I. Your take on using it for dessert might be a valid one, interesting thought!

    @Judy Glad to hear it!

    @JB I’ll definitely keep my eye out for the Koehler Cab! That one might be worth going to look for tonight…

    @DP/@Al Sorry to hear this one didn’t work for you all either…

  6. I visited TJ to look for Now and Zen Wasabi White…Boo Hoo, it’s not carried in Illinois TJs…Does anyone know if I can order it? I hear it’s good with spicy foods…I’m serving some spicy Gumbo tomorrow.

  7. I like 2009 Green Fin white wine; great for sipping on the patio after work. For $3.99, I think it’s one of the best. Better than Charles Shaw $1.99 SB.

  8. For the price, I enjoyed it…like many have said, not the best but I have had worse (Cheap Chuck white to name one).

    @Pat: I think the Now and Zen is available at BevMo and possibly Cost Plus as well. I tried that one not long ago…not my fave either but it is better than the Green Fin.

  9. This one is also good, particularly for $4. My only complaint is that it drops off at the end, but for $4, what can I expect?

  10. The reviews above are all good opinions. I just wanted to mention what none of them do, it is organic. It is 4 dollars and it is an ORGANIC wine. If you are motivated by making a difference in your purchasing by buying organic, this is a great deal.

  11. Some of the comments made me laugh. The reviewer was spot on. Thompson seedless is at best used for a filler in cheap jug wines and to extend out some of the popular premium wines (“fighting varietals”). They put Organic on the label and everyone jumps to buy it because of the creative marketing. This is made for the American soda drinking palate and overly sweet. Organic Sultanina AKA Thompson seedless does not make good wine. I could bottle cat urine and adjust the acidity and add some sugar (grape concentrate) and label it Organic and people will buy it off the shelf just because it has “organic” on the bottle.

  12. There’s definitely some sweetness (as if that is necessarily a sin), but some people are making too much of the thompson and muscat in the blend. I would guess the majority or plurality of the blend is chardonnay, and wouldn’t be surprised if the 3 grapes Franzia mentioned total a quarter or less.

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