2007 Trinchero Family Riesling

Price: $4.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

2007 Trinchero Family RieslingPer Trinchero “The nose is a seductive blend of honeysuckle and white peaches. Green apple, kiwi and banana mingle on the palate. The hint of residual sugar is perfectly balanced with sufficient acidity to display a nice long tropical fruit finish. This is not the typical sweet-style California Riesling—it is clean, and not cloying.”

What I Think:

Floral, honeyed and a bit syrupy on the nose. This one was overly sweet to go with the chicken I prepared. Based on the wineries description this was not what I was hoping for. That said, not bad either. For the 2nd bottle I’ll stick to my traditional spicy Asian food pairing here as this one does not have a hint of crispness. All that said, I’m not likely to buy this one again.

Rating: Skip It

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5 thoughts on “2007 Trinchero Family Riesling

  1. Another Trader Joe’s hustle buy. I thought It was A little light for Riesling and flat on the flavor. Keep a look out for A TJ’s private label of a Petite Reserve Riesling. Oh and if you havent tries the Trader Joe’s Grand Reserve Cabernet ($12.99) for Napa……Try it! I found out that it is made from St. Supery Vineyards & Winery. Their Cabernet goes for $20 and up.

  2. @JB: Didn’t see the Riesling in our Order Guide : (

    There’s also a couple of private label Chardonnays coming soon as well from the Chalk Hill and Monterey areas.
    Oh, and the Viognier & Albarino are coming back too.

    Thanks for the tip about the Grand Reserve Cab.
    I’ll talk to the Team and try to get it in.
    Hope we’re not too late.

  3. @JB I will look out for the Riesling, as for the Cab I have yet to try it. I’ll add it to my list…

    @Angela You’ll have to let me know what you think of the Chards, I’m not a huge fan but always win big points when I bring them home for my wife. As for the Viognier & Albarino can’t wait to try them!

  4. I think you’re crazy! This was a fantastic buy! A dry riesling for 5 bucks? It was great, but now its gone! Maybe riesling just isn’t your type of wine?

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