2005 Red Lava Syrah

Price: $7.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

2005 Red Lava SyrahPer Red Lava Vineyards “Our beautiful, obsidian black wine is concentrated with intense blackberry, mocha and mineral notes, rich tannins and a long supple finish.”

What I Think:

This one goes for $25 on the winery site so picking it up for $8 was a good start! I can’t tell you how tired I get of finding these scenarios. If you are a winery and if you are going to cut your prices be sure to offer them to your most loyal customers. Those that buy direct! Take Rabbit Ridge for example. Their excellent 2008 Allure de Robles goes for $5 a bottle at Trader Joe’s but before it arrived on their shelves they offered it to wine club members for $50 a case. Now that is how you should be treating your best customers!

Sorry for the tangent. Let’s get back to the bottle at hand… Tart red fruit and pepper on the nose are muted by wet wood aromas. Nice rich, red peppery fruit intermingled with blueberries greet you on the palate. A mild black olive component appears in the mid to late palate before leading to a hot, heavy spicy finish that falls apart to reveal thin wood/barrel flavors. A nice wine with nice fruit that is ruined by a bad finish. BTW, this bottle was a heavy one, they didn’t spare any cost there so guessing this wine was meant to be expensive. Nonetheless I don’t see myself buying another bottle. Let me know your thoughts if you do!

Rating: 12th Bottle

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2 thoughts on “2005 Red Lava Syrah

  1. Hi, I enjoy receiving your reviews.

    I’m confused about your rating system. When I saw 12th bottle, I thought it meant that you like it so much that this is the 12th bottle you’ve bought, so I was thinking that you liked the wine.

    But clearly the last line of your review, which I read after seeing the “12th bottle,” indicated otherwise.

    What does 12th bottle mean?

  2. Sorry for the delayed response here HeathCliff. When I shop I have a habit of doing so by the case, so where as the 1st bottle is very well thought out towards the end I may just be looking to fill out the case so I can go home. That is what I am referring to as 12th bottle. One that slips in when your guard is down. That said, I get a ton of questions on it and need to come up with something that communicates that better.

    Here is the official 12th bottle description from the rating system:
    12th Bottle
    * Sometimes a wine and I don’t hit it off on our first date but I can still see a glimmer of potential, via a different food pairing or something of the sort, and wonder what it might be like under different circumstances. When I am sitting there with 8 or 9 bottles in my cart and looking to round out the case these are the types of bottles that have a chance of once again finding their way home.

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