2008 Chook Shed Shiraz

2008 Chook Shed ShirazPrice: $7.99 @ Trader Joe’s imported by Aussie Wine Direct

What They Said:

Per The Province “On the other end of the red wine spectrum -both in geography and style -this new bottle from Down Under plays rock ‘n’roll on the tastebuds. Chook Shed is unapologetically 100 per cent Barossa Valley Shiraz, ripe and opulent with plum, blackberries and cracked pepper. Completely approachable in a generous fruit-forward style, it will play well to a crowd. Better get the barbecue ready, this Shiraz is ready to take on all grilled fare.”

What I Think:

Dark purple in color this one has red fruit, vanilla notes and barrel spices on the nose. Great, inky smooth mouthfeel on entry this one starts nicely balanced. The acidity here is firm,on the cusp of being overbearing but the fruit holds it off to deliver a nice warm, tangy, tannic finish. While not a standout this wine is well made and I’m tempted to grab another bottle. That said I might rather just roll the dice on something else instead. If you are a Shiraz fan definitely give it a try and let me know what you think!

Rating: Pricey

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8 thoughts on “2008 Chook Shed Shiraz

  1. This one is definitely a classic Aussie Friut Bomb. All the red drinkers loved it at our Crew Tasting this week, but not really my cup of tea.

  2. Chook Shed is a steal at $7.99. This wine is big and full of flavor. Excellent BBQ wine of the season. Seems to be a TJ Exclusive now. Buy quick as I’m certain it will go fast! Easily a $15 wine.

  3. @Angela Did you try the 12 Apostles in the same tasting? It still wouldn’t be your cup of tea but would be interested to here direct comparisons. It is pretty nice for 1/2 the price…

    @JerryK Glad to hear you are really enjoying this one. If you get a chance check out the aforementioned 12 Apostles and let me know what you think. It lacks the big end to end fruit but still drinks nicely. Be keen to here your thoughts. Sounds like I just need to do these two side by side! (or blind…)

  4. I just had Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz 2 nights ago. Freakin’ amazing!!!! However, at $40 a pop (or should I say screw off) the price is prohibitive. Just opened a bottle of the 2008 Chook Shed which I had been pretty impressed with when I bought 3-4 more bottles for my “cellar” about 6 mos. ago. While the Blue Eyed Boy was better without a doubt – the Chook Shed is certainly 1/2 as good at 20% of the price. YUMMMMY!!!! I agree with Jerry K – easily $15 and wouldn’t have felt ripped off at $20!

  5. @Jen – It is always great when something a fraction of the price can remind you of something special so you can at least live vicariously in between splurges. Glad to hear you were such a big fan!

  6. Chook Shed is my “house” wine and has been since I discovered it at TJ’s some time ago. They are now all out. I have been to four branches. Apparently they are now waiting for the next vintage to arrive. Any suggested substitutes?

  7. I’m hardly a big red wine drinker but I wanted a glass to have with dinner and the Chook Shed shiraz (2009) was left over from a party the better half hosted. I have to say I liked the wine – lots of fruit and not a lot of tanin.

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