Getting ready for summer at Trader Joe’s

Getting ready for summer at Trader Joe's

Last Sunday was gorgeous, 75 degrees at 5pm. Given the weather I was ready for a wine that reminded me of summer. Fortunately I had a rose chilled but quickly realized the cupboards were otherwise rather barren. Now I know summer is still a bit premature but, as you can likely guess, I don’t need much of an excuse to stock up. So that is what I did when I hit my local Trader Joe’s today. Here is what I grabbed…

    2009 Trader Joe’s Albariño Petit Reserve (3) – $5.99 – I remember hearing tales of the ’08 so when Angela let me know the ’09 was on the way I was sure to grab a bottle. When @joewinetraveler gave it the thumbs up I decided to grab a few extras straight away.
    2009 Trader Joe’s Viognier Petit Reserve – $5.99 – Another case where I missed out last year and Angela let me know it was on the way. It’ll be interesting to compare this with the wine below.
    2008 Honey Moon Viognier – $4.99 – A reload on a long time fave this one also recently received some love from wineaccguy who, like me, finds this one to be quite a deal.
    2009 Trader Joe’s Vinas Chilenas Reserva Sauvignon Blanc – $2.99 – When the above mentioned wineaccguy mentioned the Honey Moon I was well in the loop, when he mentioned this one it was news to me. I think I had a bad experience with one of these reds early on and wrote off the lot. That is until now, hoping this is a nice value play!
    2009 VINTJS Sauvignon Blanc – $5.99 – I enjoyed the 2008 version of this one which I noticed as made by Maxwell Creek. Given that I was already inclined to buy the next vintage so when JB told me the ’09 was made by St Supery it became a no-brainer. And because curious wines want to know I checked TTB and was able to verify that this wine as least has some relationship with St. Supery where it goes for $23 direct from the winery. I’m looking forward to giving it a try.
    2009 Spiral Wines Sauvignon Blanc – $4.99 – I’ve had a few offerings from this winery and have been pleased so when the winery stopped by to let us know a 2009 Sauvignon Blanc would soon be available I was immediately on the lookout.
    2008 Spiral Wines Cabernet Sauvignon – $4.99 – When I initially had this one I was intrigued but had yet to grab more. Well I remedied that tonight.
    2005 Monte Ducay Cariñena Reserva – $5.99 – This one has some interesting packaging as it comes wrapped in brown paper. From a marketing perspective I’m not sure how that would have effected me but we will never know as buying this one was a foregone conclusion based on Viva la Wino! positive review.

So there we have it 10 bottles with the associated logic that got them in the cart. Now I needed to fill out the case. Here were the last two bottles I randomly grabbed:

    2009 12 Apostles Shiraz – $3.99 – This one gave me flashbacks to the Chasing Clouds Shiraz offerings which went for $3 and I enjoyed for quite some time. Fingers crossed I have another flashback when the wine is in the glass.
    2006 Hope Wine Merlot – $3.99 – 50% of profits for this one go to fighting aids which is nice, hopefully the wine is too!

So there you have it. A case of wine for $62 + tax. Have you had any of these? If so I would love to hear your thoughts! Much more to come on these so stay tuned. If you want to dig in further now check out Cellar Tracker for more details.

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18 thoughts on “Getting ready for summer at Trader Joe’s

  1. I have the 2005 Monte Ducay Cariñena Reserva the wine of the week in my store a week ago. Has very nice fruit and good balance of tannins.

  2. Oh also the VINTJ’S Malbec should be in Sothern California stores today April 30th. All stores only got 6 cases, so if you see it grab it.

  3. I’m so excited about the VINTJs Sauvignon Blanc. I work at a World Market in Illinois and we recently had a special feature for Maxwell Creek sauvignon blanc. The Maxwell Creek and VINTJs do taste very similar! And at 5.99, the VINTJs is $4 cheaper than the Maxwell Creek.

    Thanks for pointing that out to me!

    Also, I look forward to your review of the Monte Ducay. Since I’m in Illinois I can rarely find the wines you review. I was pleased to see that they had the Monte Ducay on an endcap last night.

  4. Nice haul, Jason. Haven’t tried any of those, though I was happy to see the ’09 Marlborough from Sauvignon Republic back on the shelves of my local TJs this morning. For my money it was one of the better value whites that I came across last year. Picked up a case for a party tonight and I’ll happily consume the leftovers throughout the summer.

  5. Albarino: Bright, Floral slighly peachy/peary, Yummy!

    Viognier: Beautiful nose, medium-bodied, stone friut, almost spirtzy on the finish
    (Got the most votes)

    Spiral S.B: Bright, light, grapefruity goodness

    Sauvignon Republic S.B.: Medium-bodied, grapefruit with a slight herbal/grassy finish that I didn’t mind

    Looking forward to trying the VINTJS Malbec from the Alexander Valley and the new one from Argentina.

  6. The warehouse only got 1000 cases of the Malbec. So each store got 6 cases, it will be gone in a blink of an eye if you dont jump on it. I had it last night, oh so good. Very well balanced, good fruit, nice hints of spice and tannins.

  7. A case for $62…killer!

    Huge fan of Albariño lately (especially with warmer weather)…plus it pairs well with Thai salads, and if you’re in the mood, pick at some calamari.

    Hello Vino

  8. @JB: Got my two bottles of the Malbec and I’m recommending it as a rare opportunity for the price point. Thanks for the tasting notes.

  9. @JB 1) I’m looking forward to trying the Monte Ducay 2) sipping the VINTJS Malbec now and I agree with your take, well made wine! (review coming…)

    @Andy The Albarino is certainly nice, that said I need to taste side by side with it’s Spanish sibling as it seems to come off Sauv Blanc-ish. Likely cause I’ve only had so few Albarino. Review on this one coming soon as well…

    @Ashley Looks like Maxwell Creek may be a secret 2nd label of St Supery… As for the Monte Ducay looking forward to trying it soon!

    @joshiemac Can’t find my tasting notes for the ’09 Marlborough Sauvignon Republic at the moment but I remember it as super bright. Almost the vino equivalent of drinking something with music blaring. This wine was not shy if I recall correctly… Oh by the way, I liked it! How did it go over at the party?

    @Angela We should be hanging out as we are drinking nearly the same things! Albarino = great summer wine. Viognier = in the fridge. Spiral SB = nice but could use more crispness on finish. Sauvignon Republic S.B. = as mentioned remember this one being super bright. Funny you should mention the Malbec’s. I opened VINTJS (liking it) tonight and will do side by side tasting with San Telmo (the new one from Argentina) tomorrow.

    @Æsop Thanks for tracking that down! Awesomeness, I was looking for it…

    @HelloVino You should definitely try the VINTJS if you can find it. Any favorite Albarinos of yours that you would recommend I give a try?

  10. I will be interested in your reception of the Spiral Wines Sauvignon Blanc (2009). I bought a bottle last week at TJ’s and was terribly underwhelmed by the wine. Even for a less fruity and tropical SB, this wine did little to demonstrate a clean and crisp acidity and freshness. It was a largely bland taste with an unpleasantly strong and dry alcohol finish. With so many excellent SB selections, especially at TJ’s, I would recommend (as another reader already has) the newly released Marlborough from Sauvignon Republic (2009). The previous vintage was one of my favorites, especially with sushi!

    I trust you will enjoy Honey Moon Viognier (2008): this is always a real crowd pleaser; I await your comparison between that wine and Trader Joe’s Viognier Petit Reserve (2009).

  11. Today Trader Joe’s is getting 6 cases of 2008 Sebastopol Hills Pinot Noir from Sonoma. We got this Pinot last year and it was really good. I tried to find the vineyard source that was making this for Tj’s but no luck. It goes for $9.99 and worth all the money. Each Southern California TJ’s only got 6 cases, so get it while you can.

    Tasting Notes: Blackcherry, plum, raspberry with hints of vanilla and a long smooth finish. Age 10 months in French oak.

    Alc: 14.40%
    Price: $9.99
    Comp’s Price: $24.99

  12. Jason- yes, bright is a good word to describe it. It is bursting with tropical flavors from the nose through the palate. Not restrained at all, which is strange because I normally prefer my whites on the tame/restrained side. This clicks with me and is just perfect for the warmer weather.

  13. The VINTJS Sauv Blanc is not quite St. Supery. Try the two side by side and you’ll find the Supery has another elevated level of elegance and depth. For $4 more, the Supery is golden.

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