2009 Trader Joe’s Albariño Petit Reserve

Price: $5.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

2009 Trader Joe's Albariño Petit ReservePer the bottle “Bring on the seafood! Citrusy and crisp with Tangerine and Bosc Pear nuances”

What I Think:

For those new to Albariño it is grape native to the Iberian peninsula. I’ve had it made in a number of styles from the Portuguese Vinho Verde to the Spanish varietal bottling and been a fan of them all. So given a chance to see what California can do with the grape I didn’t think twice. This one is designated as a Central Coast bottling from Anyday Wine Cellars. From there, much to my chagrin, I can’t pick up its trail. Those that read here often know that I enjoy solving the mystery of where these wines originated but this one did a meticulous job in covering its tracks. So looking at a dead end, and with shrimp tacos on the table, I decided to pop this one open and see what was in store for me…

The nose was fragrant with peach and tangerine notes. On the palate the same rich flavors greet you before a bright, racy acidity emerges leading the way to a tart, crisp, lasting finish. This refreshing wine is sure to grab your attention and is a sound paring for any summertime al fresco dining occasion. I recommend it next time you have seafood on your menu.

Rating: Buy It

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12 thoughts on “2009 Trader Joe’s Albariño Petit Reserve

  1. Hey Jason,

    I’m going to have to grab this one (luckily there is a Trader Joe’s down the road).

    Albarino and Torrontes have been two of my fave whites latley and I want to stock up for the summer. I like the little pairing of shrimp tacos too!

    Hello Vino

  2. If anybody sees this in Michigan, speak up. My local TJ’s folks looked at me like I was nuts when I asked about it. I LOVE albarino and would pick up a ton of this.

  3. Just picked this one up as well as the Viognier from Anyday Cellars under the TJs Petit Reserve label. The Viognier had a slight spritz and tasted like watered down half-flat Diet Sprite, though it did have a Viognier aroma. I’m hoping this one is better as the Viognier affirmed every negative prejudice I have against cheap TJs wines.

    Tangent Winery in SLO/Edna Valley makes both a Viognier and Albarino, and if the Albarino has a bit of non-Edna valley fruit blended from a neighboring appellation, it would be labeled Central Coast. I can see why they wanted to avoid association with that Viognier.

  4. @HelloVino I definitely need to get some Torrontes for the summer! Hope you were able to give this one a try. If so let me know what you think!

    @erinpw Likewise, I hope this made it your way!

    @Greg Noticed you liked this a somewhat more than the Viognier (via CellarTracker). Me as well though I wasn’t quite as negative on the latter. What is your favorite affordable white heading into the summer?

  5. @erinpw: If you can get me 6 bottles of the Auxerrios($13)from Bel Lago (MI), I’d be willing to trade a case of the Albarino.
    They don’t ship outside of MI and it’s crazy good.
    Serious interest?: norse.gal@gmail.com
    White wine fans: Leelanau Pennisula rocks!

  6. @Jason, I tried the Albarino and it’s much better than the Viognier. I found a more TJ’s exciting wine, though: Emergence, a blend of Grenache Blanc, Marsanne, Viognier and Roussanne. Best $7 wine I can think of! Definitely one you might want to try.

  7. @CabFrancophile Too funny on the Emergence. I just picked up the red GSM blend last night (yet to try) and was so hoping to see a white equivalent I added “Red” to the end when I created it in Cellartracker. Hope it makes it up north soon!

  8. Haven’t seen the White Emergence yet and the Albarino is now all gone. At least I got one bottle for myself this year : )

    The 2009 Albarino (Paso Robles this time) is back for a micro-second. It went into and out of stock in only 3 days.
    Crisp, nice mouthfeel, lots of pear with citrus notes towards the finish.: 13.25%
    All I need is some simple, grilled shrimp with a little lemon and I’d be good to go.

    • Crazy that the 2009 is back in stock after this amount of time. I saw your comment here and grabbed another bottle on site but now that I was getting ready to record notes just noticed the vintage. Was fully expecting 2010…

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