2009 12 Apostles Shiraz

2009 12 Apostles ShirazPrice: $3.99 @ Trader Joe’s imported by Frank-Lin International

What They Said:

Per Aussie Vineyards “The authentic Australian flavors of our Shiraz make a bold introduction and finish with finesse. Aromas of dark berry and licorice fill the palate ahead of fine oak tannins, providing a most satisfying finish.”

What I Think:

If you haven’t paid a visit to the Great Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles in Australia it is well worth the trip, not to mention the riches of the nearby wine country! Now back to living vicariously, when I first saw this one it gave me flashbacks to the Chasing Clouds Shiraz offering which went for $3 and I enjoyed for quite some time. With that in mind I grabbed a bottle hoping for the best. Given the pressure the wine industry down under appears to be facing we have every reason to do so. Just recently I saw some Jacob’s Creek Shiraz available at my local TJ’s for $5 but it was gone before I knew it. This one appears to have been initially distributed via the Grocery Outlet which claimed that the elsewhere price was $16. 75% off? They must be hurting. Now I’m not the type of guy that cares what I saved, all I care about is what I spent. So what was in the bottle?

Green, chocolate dusty nose with rich plumy fruit on entry that is immediately checked/balanced by acidity. The same nice, bright juicy acidity is present throughout leading to a warm tannic finish that lingers on. Not great but about as good as you are going to get for $4. I already grabbed another bottle just to make sure I wasn’t duped by this one. If it passes that test it would certainly be interesting to taste this one side by side with the Chook Shed. Let me know if anyone else gets to that before I do. Otherwise, if you are a fan of Australian Shiraz give this one a try and if you do let me know what you think…

Rating: Buy It (if your a Shiraz fan…)

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12 thoughts on “2009 12 Apostles Shiraz

  1. Tried it the first time 2 nights ago. It got better the 2nd night. Your description of this wine’s nuances was spot on. At least for me. Will surely get a couple more bottle. See if it’s consistent.

  2. Yes Jason. In fact already had my third coming different lots i’m assuming because i bought it on a spread of 10-14 days and it’s the same exact nuances on each one of them. Good for every day drink. Goes well with red sauce pasta, red meat, excellent with Pizza. what can I say. ha, ha, ha

  3. Best Cab for the money I have ever tasted. My wife just took off to the wine store to buy a case. Australian wines are wonderful and we are buying more and more Australian.

  4. I just found this at Grocery Outlet for 2.99! I polished all of it off after taking some home and testing it out. Also, I found, cuz of an “old and wise” gal (been in Livermore since ’52, WOW is all I have to say to that and hitching posts) Rock Ridge Meritage no date… YUM. What’s up with the no date thang? Anyway Livermore 12′s are all gone. If you find some you’re a lucky dog cuz I missed it! Also, curious about the other 12′s too, but I’d already taken home like a case and a half so I’m spent this month. By the way I tried about 6 others… Cameron Huges Shiraz, AU Cab, Nailhead, Liberty (TJ’s) and Regalat Zin… save your money! These two are WAAAY better even if it’s not apples to apples. This was a love/drink comparison or not. And I couldn’t affort to buy out the Meritage so buy it!

  5. The Cabernet Sauvignon is better. In fact, it is the best under $20 bottle of red I’ve had in a long time. Bought one bottle at Grocery Outlet for $2.99; went back and bought the last case for $2.99 minus 20%. Apparently, other folks had found the same thing – the store manager said he’d never seen a run on wine on his store quite like this before.

  6. I received this wine as a gift and had it yesterday. What a great treat! I had no idea the price or that I could probably get it at Trader Joe’s. Wow! I am going today and getting more!

  7. I grabbed two bottles of the Shiraz at Grocery outlet at $2.99 each. What the heck, I like Australian Shiraz anyway. Loved them! Bought a case the next day and I may buy another! They don’t seem to be doing the case discount and I don’t really care.

  8. I really like the Shiraz, but am having a difficult time finding it. All the Grocery Outlets I have gone to have the chardonney, but not the shiraz or the cab. Can any of you help me?

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