2006 VINTJS Malbec

Price: $6.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

2006 VINTJS MalbecPer the bottle “hails from the prime growing regions of Alexander Valley in Sonoma County. Known for rich, fleshy wines, this Malbec delivers with dark berry, licorice and integrated tannins.”

What I Think:

The bottle tells you this one is made by Mosaic Winery. When visiting their site you are quickly redirected to deLorimier Winery, looks like it was a long term partnership that they folded into a single label at some point. I can’t find many references to Mosaic but what I do see is that deLorimier Winery released a 2006 Alexander Malbec of their own in September 2009. Looking at pricing on their previous vintages the typical offering would be in the $25 range. Given I can’t find a word about this one online my assumption is that this is the estate juice and that they sold the whole lot to TJ’s, lucky us!

Juicy up front, though this fades as the wine breathes, with an earthy backbone this one dries out towards the mid of the palate where dusted chocolate flavors emerge leading to smooth finish loaded with chewy tannins and barrel spices with just a bit of heat/toastiness. This one doesn’t say Malbec to me (Argentina is my ballast) but it does say nice, easy drinking wine. Per JB, each store only got six cases so make sure to get some while the getting is good. Guessing those outside of CA are out of luck on this one but let me know if you happen to see it!

Rating: Buy It

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8 thoughts on “2006 VINTJS Malbec

  1. I’d picked up a bottle of this after reading the buzz in the comments section of your earlier post.

    When I went back for a case, TJ’s sommelier showed me the TJ’s cheat sheet about the wine, which said this:

    “Winemakers frequently keep barrels of special wines set aside for blending. Malbec is a common component of many Cabs, Merlots and even Zins in prime growing regions. In this case, the wine was used for blending, and the balance destined for a project that never materialized. The grape didn’t fit the winery’s (Mazzocco) marketing plan, either. It fit TJ’s, though!”

    “This is a stellar version of domestic, 100% Malbec. 30% was aged in new oak for 30 months.”

    We love it. Rich and complex, with a nice finish. Excellent value for $6.99, and it’s much more interesting than the VINTJS Cab, which sells for $9.99.

  2. The Tj’s that I work at is already out and we are one of the slower stores around this area. I bought the last 6 bottles of this Malbec and also the last of the Rabbit Ridge. We are getting the Chateau Chevalier Pinot Noir for $9.99 which is a good price for a wine that is usually $19.99 and up.

  3. @Andy Thanks for the scoop! I did a quick investigation and found that Mazzocco is part of the Wilson Collection who also happen to own Mosaic/deLorimier (as well as Matrix and Jepson Winery). The ever curious me would still wonder why they chose to use the Mosaic name on it if they were Mazzocco grapes but I have far bigger problems to solve…

    @JB Thanks for the tip on the Chateau Chevalier Pinot Noir, Angela mentioned the same last night. I’m a fan of their Cab so hoping this one can deliver as well!

  4. DeLormier is a great winery to go visit too, right in the neighborhood of Sausal, White Oak, Stryker, Alexander Valley Vineyards too.


  5. I am right now enjoying the TJ’s 2008 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Creek Valley (Mazzocco Vineyards again)and I will have to say… for $10+ IL tax… it’s a pretty good bottle of grape juice.

    I’ve had $20 bottles that I found incredibly disappointing.

    It’s not an overly complex or to be contemplated wine, but it is quite quaffable and had nice jammy cassis notes without being overwhelmed by it’s tannins. Not overly oaked either. Clean and bright acidity, so it should pair just fine with food; be it a burger or a nice, rich lamb stew.

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