2009 Finca La Linda Torrontes

2009 Finca La Linda TorrontesPrice: $10.99 @ Sample

What They Said:

Per Luigi Bosca “Clear yellow-greenish color. Floral aromas related to rose globeflower and some lavender. The first impression in mouth is sweet with balanced acidity, white peaches are perceived and hints of sugar coated orange skin. Excellent balance between floral and fruity characteristics.”

What I Think:

Many already know there is more to Argentina than Malbec. You can drink some fine Cabernet among other things but they also have two more local grapes that are worth exploring; Bonarda (the local favorite) or Torrontes. For those that may be new to Torrontes I most often compare it to Viognier given that both are very aromatic wines. When drinking either my nose spends a significant amount of time in the glass (and I again remind myself I need to expand my vocabulary beyond “floral”). That being said I am no expert on this varietal so when this sample arrived I was happy to give it a try. So how was it?

Pale straw in color. Fresh, floral (see above reminder) and inviting on the nose. The palate starts pure and clean but quickly becomes a bit heavy with a hint of sweetness. A rich, full-bodied wine this shows flavors of orange peels and white tropical fruits. The finish is slightly crisp with a dried flowers (lavender) and spices (white pepper). This one lacks the acidity I like for drinking on its own. I’d recommend pairing this one with food. Perhaps a pasta with a white cream sauce would be fitting.

Given the overall flavor profile of this one it is not well suited for my palate as I prefer my white with racy acidity. Despite that this is a nice wine and a perfect bottle to learn more about a varietal (slightly) off the beaten path. So how about you? Have you had a Torrontes before? If so let me know what you think or if you have any to recommend. If not, give this or another one a try and share your thoughts.

Rating: Pricey

*as indicated above this wine was indeed received as a press sample

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5 thoughts on “2009 Finca La Linda Torrontes

  1. Jason,
    I see you got this as a sample, do you know what the local availability is? And by local, I mean about 35 miles north of you ;-)

  2. Jason, we bought this wine for $11.69 and drank it with left over pizza (figs, proscuitto, arugula) and found it pretty tasty. I thougt your cf. with vigonier was straight up: this one was fairly perfumed. I, too, like some white with good acid, but this style works for me also. I thought it was “richer” than “sweeter.” I’m just saying. The level of fruit “sweetness” reminded me of what used to be known as Tocai Fruliano.

  3. Torrontes can be captivating if done well.
    I too am a “acid head”, but I had a few of these wines and too much acid would kill the flowers.
    Try Blacksmith Cellars Torrontes: $14.99
    California and delicous, it won a Top Ten award from the Chronicle this past summer.
    Their Monterey Chenin Blanc also rocks and Matt Smith is a really nice guy.

  4. @Jackson I am quite sensitive to sweetness so it wouldn’t surprise me that others would find this rich instead. Glad to hear this worked for.

    @Angela A Californian Torrontes? Can’t say I am surprised but it is still new to me…

    @Brian I just realized I never responded to you. Apologies amigo! I did email the folks that sent it and never heard back…

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