2009 VINTJS Pinot Gris

2009 VINTJS Pinot GrisPrice: $5.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

Per Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer “VINTJS Willamette Valley Pinot Gris, from Oregon’s most renowned growing region, is a silky & vibrant wine, more full-bodied and lush than its cousin, Pinot Grigio. The Willamette Valley’s long, cool growing season challenges the grapes to ripen, which results in much more complexity of flavor and body than often found in wines from warmer regions. Bright flavors of pineapple, green apple & pear make this a good partner to a salad of Organic Baby Lettuce topped with our Goat Cheese Medallions. Our price of $5.99 makes this a great partner to your sense of frugality, too.”

What I Think:

Another in the series of VINTJS offerings I found this on page 8 of my most recent Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer. I really wanted to like this one as it has been a while since I enjoyed a Pinot Gris. How did this one work out? Straw hued with a slight spritz on the pour (not the palate though) and a nose showing tart citrus, mineral and rock aromas. Green apples greet you on the palate before a mineral backbone kicks in leading to a crisp finish. Enough acid but I prefer a bit more snap (and truth be told a bit more fruit as well). This wine is well made but not a standout. You get what you pay for; a simple, solid sipper. I bought two bottles initially but don’t see this one making it into my cart again. That said guessing some might like this more than I do. If you are a Pinot Gris fan feel free to give this one a try.

Rating: 12th Bottle

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8 thoughts on “2009 VINTJS Pinot Gris

  1. This is a nice, daily house wine with good acidity/minerality and light, pleasant flavors that complement food. It’s not strong on the fruit or complex, but I like it: just the type of well-made, reliable inexpensive wine I expect from Trader Joe’s. Six dollars well spent.

  2. Yes, I have to say I enjoyed this Pinot Gris to. You should also should try the VINTJS Pinot Noir from the same place as the Pinot Gris. The Pinot Noir is what a Pinot Noir should taste like, not to strong and not to light. It’s also at a great price for $8.99.

  3. @Under Glad to hear your take and largely agree. This wine is well made and unlikely to disappoint which is more than you can ask for at the price point. I was happy to drink it but as mentioned didn’t necessarily feel compelled to do so again. With that said my next $6 bottle is far more likely to measure up as a disappointment in comparison than a winner.

    @JB I opened the Pinot last night and as of now stand rather disappointed. Perhaps tonight will tell a different story…

  4. Hmmm…. before we tasted it at work we let it breath about an hour. I thought it was quite tasty. Sometimes I think every once in a while there is a bad bottle that’s just not right. This happened to me when we tasted the Trader Joe’s Reserve Petite Verdot. Is was amazing when I tasted it at work. Then I bought a bottle and took it home and it wasn’t the same. I use the Vinturi wine aerator and still wasn’t good. I took it back and got another, tasted it again and it was a different story. It was amazing just like the tasting at work. If you have a chance try it. It goes for $9.99.

  5. Courtesy of Viva la Wino! I was able to track down the winemaker, Wine By Joe, where this one retails for $14. This is what they had to say:

    “This wine leaps into your mouth and opens up initially with aromas of stone fruit, vanilla, pears and a hint of smokiness. The medium-bodied mouth feel delivers rich and rewarding flavors of cream, vanilla, spice and peach balanced by refreshingly crisp talc-flinty acidity. The finish lingers, inviting you for another sip. If you haven’t tried a great Oregon Pinot Blanc, now is the time to do it!”

  6. My notes on this one:
    Citrus & apple on nose
    Soft, clean with a bright finish

    I thought it was tasty.

    Also looking forward to trying Pacific Rim’s Autumnus ($5.99): A blend of 3 of my favs: Riesling, Chenin Blanc & Gewurztraminer done in a off-dry style. The label has the adopted the International Riesling Foundation guidelines and it has a “sweetness scale”
    clearly marked on the back. Sounds yummy!

  7. @JB – couldn’t agree more, the Petit Verdot is delicious!

    This Pinot Gris was good table wine. I really like wines that are still giving me flavors after I sip and ponder what I’m tasting; this isn’t such a wine. It’s simply refreshing. Serve it chilled with some white fish or quick cream based pasta dish and it will be a great meal. But you could also get the new TJ’s Petit Reserve Chardonnay from the Russian River Valley and have an equally pleasant tasting table wine.

  8. @Angela Did you get to try the Autumnus yet? Sounds a bit on the sweet side for me. @JB is going to do a guest post on that one which I am looking forward to…

    @Matt Your take on this one is much the same as mine. As for the Chard any interest in doing a guest post on that one? I’m not a Chardonnay drinker so won’t be buying but sure many would love to hear how it is…

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