2009 Overlake Chardonnay

Price: $5.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

2009 Overlake ChardonnayPer the bottle “Classic Chardonnay in style. Toasty oak and vanilla lead to green apple and lemon drop aromas. A mix of fig, melon and mineral accented by ample acidity. Displays a creamy moderately buttered finish.”

What I Think:

I reviewed the Overlake Sauvignon Blanc offering a few days back and as mentioned then I had grabbed the Chardonnay as well. The first think that struck me about this one, as mentioned by JB, was the quality of the bottle itself. This wine came across as more expensive than the price tag based on the sheer weight when holding it in your hand. Could it deliver in the glass?

Straight buttered popcorn on the nose. This is a full bodied wine with the vanilla barrel flavors heavily present throughout. Some acidity emerges late in the mid palate and allows some green apple and lemon notes to sneak through though they are quickly muted. The finish is very creamy and buttery (can’t believe they used “moderately” above) though lingers nicely. Guessing many would enjoy this (my wife loves it!) as it seems I’ve had many similar offerings for three times the price. Still though this wine seems well made I am looking for a lot more fruit and acidity than can be found here. If you are a fan of a big buttery Chardonnay this may be right up your alley. Feel free to give it a try.

Rating: 12th Bottle

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15 thoughts on “2009 Overlake Chardonnay

  1. I’m a lover of “big buttery Chardonnay” and I loved this on first sip. I was interested in your opinion because you talked about the Cab, which my husband liked at first sip! We are off to buy a case or three of each!

  2. We saw cases of the Cab at TJ’s in Laguna Hills on Saturday. The cashier recommended it so I bought a few bottles. Hopefully they aren’t sold out!

  3. I have one on my rack that I can sell you…….lol. The Cabernet only lasted about 5 days, then it was gone. I find it funny that there wasn’t as much Cabernet as there was Sauvignon Blanc and that Chardonnay. Just got Pacific Rim Autumnus White in the other day. It’s $5.99 and contains Riesling, Chenin Blanc and Gew├╝rztraminer. For someone like me that doesn’t like white wine as much as red, I thought it was every well balanced. Not to sweet and not to dry.

    • @violabc Good luck tracking down some more! If I was in the vicinity of OC I would stop by and pick up some myself!

      @JB If you get a strange knock on your door it might be me! Thanks for the tip on the Pacific Rim Autumnus White. Sounds a little too sweet for me. Interested in doing a guest post on it (or any others)? Let me know…

      @D Thanks for the comment, have any Cab left at your store?

  4. I bought the last 7 bottles at the Laguna Hills TJs yesterday. They said they have had an impossible time getting more so doubt they will be able to restock. !

  5. Just tried our first bottle of the Overlake sauvignon blanc. We’ll be going back tomorrow evening to pick up more. Enjoyed it ice cold.

  6. HUGE fan of ‘oaky buttery,’ and this definitely delivers! A TJ’s employee recommended it to me… LOVE it! For the price, you can buy it by the case.

  7. As I love the big oak and butter, I was immediately drawn to the Overlake Chard.
    While I have enjoyed several bottles to date, I unfortunately have found it “sold out” at Traders the last 3 times in, (including today).
    I’ll keep trying, as it really suits my taste.

  8. Yes, Bobby T., I love this Chardonnay and called TJs today to buy a case but, alas, no such luck. So, where can we buy this wine?? Please let me know if you discover a source. Thanks!

  9. I loved this wine, and alas, I learned too late it was a limited purchase at TJ’s. Can you recommend anything similar? I love a heavy, oakey, vanilla and buttery chardonnay like this.

  10. VINTJ/s Chalk Hill Chard at $ 8.99 is creamy with a lemon flavoured finish. if you enjoyed the Overlakd you’ll love this, altho it’s a bit more $. It’s either a Rodney Strong or Chalk Hill wine given the AVA.

    • Thanks for the rec. I’m not a Chard fan so I will be passing on the Chalk Hill. Anybody else had it? If anyone wants to do a guest review of it let me know…

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