2008 Novella Synergy

2008 Novella SynergyPrice: $6.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

This wine was once a part of the Eos Estate Winery portfolio. If it still is it is no longer recognized as such. Nary a word about it can be found on their site. That said according to my friends at the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) they are indeed still affiliated but appear to be keeping it on the down low. Curious…

Anyhow the bottle had this to say: “Raspberry, black cherry and lilac aromas open this full-bodied, supremely balanced wine. Cherry and berry flavors lead to a long, elegant finish of blackberry, cedar and spice.”

What I Think:

I had this one many moons ago but hadn’t tried it in ages. So when JerryK recently recommended it I decided to give it another shot. A kitchen sink blend this one is 45% Zinfandel, 25% Petite Sirah, 18% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Syrah, 2% Cabernet Franc and 2% Sangiovese. Quite a hodgepodge wouldn’t you say? How did it turn out you ask?

The nose greets you with wafts of black cherry aromas. The first sip shows this same nice, plush fruit. The palate is smooth and balanced throughout before leading to a creamy finish laden with cedar, dark berry and vanilla notes. These eventually give way to pleasant barrel tannins which linger nicely. This wine is not complex by any means. That said it is not one dimensional either and to me that is all you can ask for in a $7 wine (and more). I’ve had many a bottle that cost three times as much and yet deliver far less. If you are a Zinfandel lover looking for a reasonable priced bottle look no further. Same for those of you that just love at a tasty bottle of wine…

Rating: Buy It

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8 thoughts on “2008 Novella Synergy

  1. This has always been a great seller at TJ’s. Jason I would Love to do a guest post for the Pacific Rim Autumnus Just let me know how you want me to do it. Either Via E-mail or what ever works for you.

  2. I think you’re missing the bet. Let me say that finding these wines sourced from a genuine producer like EOS adds provenance and interest. Having said that, the Novella Synergy is nowhere as satisfying as the Novella PR Zin.

    The TJ Novella Zin is Grown, Produced and bottled by EOS. Oddly, no vintage date but nevertheless, this is close to a fairly serious wine. Not a simple fruit driven wishy-washy quaffer. The Novella Zin is good, maybe not like the best of Ridge, but decent, solid zin.

  3. Great wine for you Zin lovers out there. Day 2 is definitely better than day 1 for sure, so try to decant or use an aerator. Agree on the fact that it’s not a complex wine, but it is definitely a great wine to have with everyday dinners.

    Echo the buy it… even though I’m not a big Zin fan. :)

  4. Agree with Brian, Very peppery before sent through the aerator. Both the nose and taste really opened up.

    Definitely one of the better ones i have had through Trader Joe’s. I have not had much luck lately finding anything, also does not help that most of the ones that get good reviews are rather hard to find in northern Virginia (now & Zen,Sterling Organic). Now thinking of ditching Trader Joe’s and working with a Local Wine Shop to help me find the +QPR wines.

  5. I can’t say for a fact, but it certainly seems the whole Novella lineup is being gradually phased out. Their cab and synergy blanc are the only 2 still available here out of the original 6. The TJ’s Late Harvest Moscato, made by the same EOS winery, was also discontinued.

  6. Hey Jason –

    I work for the Paso Robles EOS tasting room. The label has been recently sold to Foley Family wines, and you are correct – the Novella label is no longer available in Trader Joes. HOWEVER we do have it here at the tasting room for tasting and purchase. Currently, of the Novellas, we are carrying the 08 & 09 Synergy Blanc, 08 Synergy Red, NV Zinfandel, 09 Cabernet, 09 Muscat Canelli & an 09 Chardonnay. We are at a new location – 2300 Airport Rd, Paso Robles, CA 93446. We do not yet have all the Novella wines on our website, but if you give us a call we are always happy to ship. Hope that this helps!

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