2007 Sterling Vineyards Organic Cabernet Sauvignon

Price: $4.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

2007 Sterling Vineyards Organic Cabernet SauvignonPer the bottle “The organically grown grapes selected for this wine are farmed using natural techniques free from artificial chemicals or pesticides. Set against the dramatic and beautiful backdrop of Mendocino County on California’s North Coast, these organic vineyards produce fresh fruit with pure, exceptional flavors. This Cabernet Sauvignon shows flavors of juicy blackberry, currant and plum, with hints of espresso and toffee.”

What I Think:

This one came double recommended by Jerry and Angela so you know I had to give it a try. While Sterling Vineyards doesn’t recognize this (on their site) they do have the Chardonnay (89 Points Wine Enthusiast) under the same label available for $13 bones. The Cab seems to be available on the broader market for $14-18. So is it worth $5?

Yes it is! Nice minty nose laden with fruit and barrel notes followed by juicy fruit on the palate. Blackberries lead the way while being held in balance by a firm, acidic backbone. Surprisingly full bodied given its 13% ABV (light by Cab standards). The finish shows more of the same juiciness with some dry tannins and dusty chocolate notes. An easy sipper for sure. Need more proof? I’ve finished three bottles in a little more than a week. While I’m a big fan of this wine I am guessing it is may show too much acidity for many of you out there. That said for $5 I would encourage you to try this it and let me know. As for myself I’m going to try and grab a bunch more soon. Get it while you can! All that and I have still yet to mention that this one deserves extra credit for having a screw top… Thanks again to Angela and Jerry for the tip on this one!

Rating: Buy It

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9 thoughts on “2007 Sterling Vineyards Organic Cabernet Sauvignon

  1. You’re Welcome Jason!
    We have about 10 cases left as of yesterday.
    It just kept getting better & better throughout the week that I had mine. Yum!

    Look this weekend:
    2007 Picket Fence Russian River Pinot Noir: $8.99
    2007 Picket Fence Russian River Chardonnay:
    2009 Chariot White Wine: $4.99: Chard, S.B. Gewurz, Muscat, etc. Sounds good
    TJ’s Reserve (sorry I don’t remember the year) Carneros Pinot Noir: $9.99 (13.95% alcohol)
    Slated for “premium” winery to be priced in the $30 range, life happened and now it’s ours.
    ( I love that when it happens)

    The new Captain said we might be able to squeek in a Tasting this Friday. If so, I’ll let you know.

    BTW, LOVED the Autumnus. Bright & delicious.
    Picked up another bottle, but apparently the new gal at work missed it as well as my chocolate. That’s what I get for letting someone else bag. ; )

  2. Notes from yesterday: We were really rushed, so I didn’t have time to write down detailed notes.

    2007 Picket Fence Russian River Pinot Noir: $8.99: (Selling on the website for $30)
    Really nice flavors, bright berries,

    2008 TJ’s Reserve Carneros Pinot Noir: $9.99:
    Ooh baby! This one tasted really well-made.
    Definitely more layers of flavors than the Picket Fence and the oak towards the finish is well-intergrated. So glad I already picked up a bottle.

  3. @Trude: I think TJ’s bought all of it and boy did it go quick. If the next vintage becomes available throught the winery, it certainly won’t be $5 ; )

  4. You can find the Sterling organic cab at Safeway and Andronicos in Northern California (Marin County). It’s $7.99 at Safeway and $19.99 at Andronicos. My Trader Joes had it for $4.99 and then it disappeared! Good luck! It’s an awesome wine.

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