2009 Emergence White

2009 Emergence WhitePrice: $6.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

Per the bottle “In the soil of Paso Robles this traditional cuvee reaches a new elevation. Classic in style with bright acidity, prevalent minerality and rich, round midpalate, Emergence possesses a bouquet of red grapefruit zest, ripe melon, muddled lime and warmed marzipan. This precocious wine pairs easily with vegetable Marsala burgers, grilled chicken sausages or Pad Prik King.”

What I Think:

This one is a blend of 33% Grenache Blanc, 29% Marsanne, 25% Viognier and 13% Roussanne. Certainly a mix of white grapes from off the beaten path. That said the bottle calls this a “traditional cuvee”. Really? Where? Now the wine world is big and I could very well be sticking my foot in my mouth but I’m calling BS here. All that aside this one is made by the folks over at Central Coast Wine Warehouse who have delivered their fair share of winners. That said I tried the red and while it delivered for the price point it didn’t do much more. So how about the white? This one started with dissenting opinions from two trusted palates. Danny on the downside found it bland and CabFrancophile found it to be exciting. Staring at the 14.5% ABV I was curious as to what my take would be.

You are greeted with a big, rich floral blast on the nose. On the palate this one is viscous, almost sweet, with flavors of peaches and cantaloupe before a nice acidity (though I would prefer more) emerges to keep this one in balance. The finish is mineral driven, though slightly hot (14.5%), and pleasant. For me this one is made for food as it doesn’t have the crispness or acidity to meet my refreshment criteria. That said I’m still a fan. I’ll grab another bottle and see if I can’t figure out a good pairing for this one. Stay tuned!

Rating: Buy It

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5 thoughts on “2009 Emergence White

  1. Unless you are writing for mainly a California audience, you might want to check into the availability of these TJ wines in other markets. I would say that 30-40% of the TJ wines you critique are unavailable in TJ stores outside your area. At least I, who probably stops in at the local TJs three times a week, has never seen hide or hair of them!

  2. Nice to see you posting again, Jason. You were on hiatus there for awhile.

    I liked this wine. I wanted to like it a little more than I did but I thought it was a good deal for $7. Nice mix of fruit and minerals to make it interesting enough. As you said, I would have liked this to be a little more crisp and acidic but you can’t really complain for the price. It’s not often you can find a white rhone blend like this under $10 so I purchased a few more bottles.

    As for paring, I thought it went really well with a salad I made with black beans, avocado, pollo asado, and early girl tomatoes.

  3. I agree about the rather disappointing lack of crispness and acidity

    I’m trying cline’s marsanne rousanne for comparison and it’s just too rich and kind of flat (and more expensive) – apparently those varietals are very easy to get wrong, so I’m hightailing it back to alsatian wines (the fernand engel pinot blanc reserve is spectacular and under $10 when on sale at andronico’s), though I’ve read that chateau st john’s gewurztraminer (which is sold at tj’s I think) is quite good -

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