Summer Stash: A few nice red and whites…

Now onto some of the higher priced offerings that I’ve sampled over the last few months. As many of my long time readers know I don’t drink to many wines in this category as I often find myself disappointed as I expect so much more. Given that I am super selective and each of these comes with their own little story to go along with it. Ready to hear them?
a few nice reds...

I’m a long time fan of Sausal (former club member) and their old vine but affordable Zinfandel. This one is no exception. Warm and inviting on the nose. Big and brambly on the palate. This one didn’t show the restraint I typically find and enjoy but this one was a fine wine nonetheless. Sobon is another winery I am a big fan of and again their Zin’s lead the way. The Rocky Top is one of perennial, affordable ($13) favorites. The Paul’s Vineyard is a big and deserves to be paired with a meal that can handle such a wine. The Belle Glos Meiomi Pinot came recommended by the Wellesley Wine Press. It is full bodied with layers of dark fruit that comes across more big than elegant. Not exactly my kind of Pinot but still an enjoyable bottle. Ah, Casa Nuestra. Visiting them had been on my to-do list since I torn a Matt Kramer article out of the June 30, 2003 Wine Spectator. I finally scratched it off this summer and the Charbono is one of the bottles I acquired on my visit. This one showed some barnyard funk on the nose. In the mouth it was light bodied and juicy with brambly fruit. Cherries and plums intermingled with earthy notes and black pepper spice on the palate. A little sour throughout but with a nice lasting finish. I’m thinking another few years in the bottle would have done this one wonders but it was enjoyable now as well.
a few nice whites...

The 2002 Navarro Gewurztraminer is one of the oldest whites I’ve had. In the glass it was the most elegant gold in color. The nose was big and full of floral and white fruit notes. Very rich and full bodied this one showed a nuttiness throughout. It had turned what I would describe as almost dessert-ish. Given this was a first I have nothing to compare it to but it was an interesting experience. As for the Peju Sauvignon Blanc I came across that one as part of a regrettable visit to their tasting room (a friend’s choice). Fortunately this wine was much more enjoyable. Nice lemon lime notes on the nose. On the palate this one is fruity and smooth with a fuller body than the Sauvignon Blancs I typically drink. While crisp the acidity is not as overpowering as others which make this one a better match for food. This is what I think of as the Californian styled Sauvignon Blanc.

There you have it. The reds were far more interesting than the whites. Have you had any of these? Any favorites from this summer to share? Either way would love to hear your thoughts via the comments below.

* I paid for all these wines with my very own wallet.

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