The Top 10 Trader Joe’s Classic Wines

The Top 10 Trader Joe’s Classic WinesA few days ago when I published the latest Trader Joe’s Top 10 wines list I mentioned that I often hear from folks who can’t find many of the wines included. My news to those people at the time was not to fret for another list was on the way. A list of wines you should be able drop into your local store whenever the need arises. So here you have it. 4+ years of Trader Joe’s wine tasting culminated into a single list of “classics” that produce quality wines at fantastic prices vintage after vintage. Without further adieu…

After looking this over I see two wines that already seem to be missing. Both from Columbia Crest. The Grand Estates Cabernet Sauvignon of which I recently had the ’06 and found it outstanding and the Two Vines Merlot which is always a nice, easy drinker. Did I miss any of your favorites? Any of these not available in your local market? Let me know in the comments below…

The Trader Joe's Wall of Fame...In the meantime I’ll start pondering my next Trader Joe’s Top 10 Wines List. Perhaps the “Wall of Fame”? Here are some contenders I’ve recently had that would be likely suspects to appear…

Not much to say about these wines other than I wish I had a time machine. If I did I would back up the truck and grab a few cases of each of these. The Clos LaChance Merlot is a fantastic wine of which I sadly only have one more. Time to go find Doc Brown…

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4 thoughts on “The Top 10 Trader Joe’s Classic Wines

  1. TJ’s 2009 Grower’s Reserve Cab: Just picked up a bottle of this and it’s pretty amazing considering the price point. The finish is almost too peppery, in fact. Have you tried it? Nice blog, btw.

  2. Thanks for mentioning it. I haven’t tried that offering in quite some time. I’ll have a look at it next time I am in the store. Any idea who makes it? Thanks for the compliment on the blog!

  3. have you yet discovered Woodenhead 2008 Zinfandel? this is an amazing value at $ 9.99. The fruit source is split between Sonoma and Mendo, thus the label says Mendonoma. The winemaker started this brand after 17 years as asst winemaker at Williams Selyem. Tasting Room located on River Road NW of Santa Rosa. Smooth, balanced, nice fruit. Excellent Value. You should find it at a store or two in SF, otherwise it’s as far south as San Jose, and in Marin and Sonoma County.

  4. Totally agree on the Woodenhead Mendosoma. It’s outstanding. Funny thing is, it’s a blend– and to my palate, much nicer than the winemaker’s single vineyard zins. Which brings me to this point, Jason. There’s a story to be written about TJ bringing in talented winemakers to craft wines for exclusive TJ labels. Woodenhead, Tribunal, Gypsy. . . It’s a BIG story and one that makes me love TJ even more. You’re the man to write it. I realized that living in Sonoma, we had the best TJ wines. Now I’m in San Diego, and when I saw the 2009 Tribunal, I wept.

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