2009 Lazy Bones Cabernet Franc

I headed out to Trader Joe’s last week in search of a few wines. joshiemac told me this one was available and I had my eye out for some others. I thought I’d give the Robert Stemmler a try, received a tip on the Henry’s Drive Shiraz and and having heard good things was on the lookout for the Trader Joe’s Garnacha. The Henry’s Drive was not to be found. Oddly enough (see “Lazy Bones” picture) the Robert Stemmler label threw me off as I remembered it being more classic. After looking around it seems not to have changed though my thought process may have. If I am going to drop $20 on a Pinot there are lots of option out there including this Belle Glos which I have previously enjoyed and comes highly recommended by The Wellesley Wine Press. The Garnacha? Found it but decided to grab a bottle from K&L Wines that I had been wanting to try. Anyhow enough of the chitter chatter. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

2009 Lazy Bones Cabernet FrancPrice: $6.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

Per the bottle “I don’t care if you call me Lazy Bones, I love to lounge away the day alone. Why mix with others when being myself is so beautiful? When the day’s at my pace, I can relish small pleasures like ripe cherries, spiced blackberries, the aromas of sweet wood and fresh herbs. Afterall, there’s no shame in putting off today what can truly wait ‘till tomorrow.”

What I Think:

Rarely have I felt so poorly about my decision making as typing in the “What They Said” above already knowing how bad this one was. Sadly, given this was an offering from the Central Coast Wine Warehouse, who I (use to?) trust and as I was coming off the recent success of the Roustabout (which no one, myself included, can now seem to find) I had high hopes for this one.

This one doesn’t go wrong on the nose which shows underripe blueberry and stone notes. Nor on the initial entry which comes off as light and juicy on the palate. But from there it spirals… By the time this one makes it to the middle of the tongue it feels as if an oak barrel has transformed into a WWF wrestler and has you locked in the Iron Shiek’s sleeper hold. There is no acidity or tag team partner to save you and no matter how many times you tap the mat the wood flavors keep on choking you and choking you. I don’t pour much wine down the drain but this left me no choice. Easily the worst offering I’ve had from the Central Coast Wine Warehouse folks. Pick up anything else on the Trader Joe’s wine shelves priced at $7 and you will be better off…

Rating: Avoid It

Despite this I still do love me some Cabernet Franc. I wonder if Trader Joe’s still carries the Santa Ynez Cab Franc (I know they have the Gewurzt); if so perhaps I’ll grab a bottle soon. How about you? Anyone have a favorite Cab Franc under the $12 price range to share? If so would love to hear about it…

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19 thoughts on “2009 Lazy Bones Cabernet Franc

  1. I was excited by the nose as it seemed varietal correct, but the taste of this left a lot to be desired.

    My bottle didn’t have the oppressive oak you spoke of, but the fruit was all jammy, cooked, and flat.

  2. Sorry dear, I tried to warn you before it was too late. My bad.

    This was the one that nobody liked, It’s funky and not in a good way. Y-U-C-K!
    I’m not sure about the availability of the Santa Ynez Cab Franc, but I’m almost sure it’s been gone for a while.

    In Northern & Southern CA, there will be a few “branded” wines available for the month of December. Most of them will run between $16.99-$19.99 (our retail) but I’m hoping to get the 2007 Trapiche Oak Cask Malbec for $9.99 in tonight. I’ll try to keep you posted.

    Oh, one more thing. I picked a 2008 Leonardht Dry Creek Reserve Zinfandel for my brother as a gift after a Crew Tasting at TJ’s last week . Quite a number of crew members have been raving about it and I found it smooth, dark & delicious. The original suggested retail was $48, the closest comparable according to the Fact Sheet was $24.99 and our price: $9.99.

  3. Interesting dichotomy here. Also heard from someone via email that they were quite into this wine and found it more tannic than oaky. He thought it just might need some time in the bottle to even out. Either way I’m steering far clear of this one…

    @joshiemac I checked in on the Le Paradis Chinon and alas it is out.

    @angela I think I was just dreaming about that Santa Ynez as I enjoyed it. Think it disappeared years ago. As for the Trapiche Malbec let me know what you think. I’ve heard a few good things on the Leonardht so I’ll have to give that a try.

    For all, a few others I am on the lookout for our the Castle Rock Columbia Valley Cab (thanks to @Jeff), the Henry’s Drive Shiraz and the Tribunal Red Blend…

  4. Tribunal Red Blend…..OMG!…..the best fine that I have had this year but it’s not available any more:-( Our store got 2 cased, it was gone in 2 hours. If you live in the So. Cal Orange county area, the Costa Mesa TJ’s got almost 300 cases. As for the Leonardht Zin, now that is a good bottle of wine.

  5. @Jason: Oooh, I’m so mad! I left a note for the opening Full Timer to manually enter an order for the Trapiche, they didn’t get to it two days in a row and we missed out : (
    Gotta learn how to enter those things myself!

    However, we’re doing Holiday Beer & Bubbles Tasting today, so I’ll let you know if there are any winners.
    Very interested to try the TJ’s Reserve North Coast Brut: $9.99 and the TJ’s Grand Reserve Demi-Sec Sparkling Wine for $14.99(?)

  6. TJ’s Reserve North Coast Brut: $9.99
    60/40 Chardonnay/Pinot Noir
    Light & Tasty, pretty nice

    TJ’s Grand Reserve Demi-Sec Sparkling Wine: $15.99
    Really good weight & depth of flavor
    Would do well with lightly sweet desserts or
    what we did: 62% Supreme Brie & crusty bread: Yummy!

    Zonin Prosecco has improved considerably since going DOC

    I still really like Piper-Sonoma for consistantly happy mid-range bubbles

  7. @Angela-Last Year the North Coast wasn’t that good but I will have to try it this year from reading your feedback. Also the Trader Joe’s Grand Reserve Demi-Sec is so good. Not to sweet, not to dry, just perfect in mine palate. I was told that is sparkling wine would go for $45 and up if it wasn’t in Trader Joe’s label. Also I was wondering what store you are at if you don’t mind me asking?

    The Trapiche Melbec for $9.99 is amazing. I would stay way from the Uno Melbec that goes for $14.99. To dry for my taste but nice bottle.

  8. Wow, been awhile since I last posted…busy busy busy! Thanks to this blog I’ve avoided Lazy Bones and recommending to customers.

    Tribunal – I think this wine is great red wine. I was honestly let down by it in many ways, I was hoping for something much larger – like Boogle’s Phantom or the Spotted Owl pick up TJs very, very briefly had. I gave it a few hours of air and that really brought forth that 15.1% alcohol. I sell it is a nice red table wine. Not one to savor by itself. But a definite value at $10!

    TJ’s Grand Reserve Demi-Sec – I did the research, it’s from Schramsberg. It retails for $28-$32. I haven’t tried it.

    TJ’s Grand Reserve Meritage – Wine of the year! Layered with so many red and dark fruits, yet great tannins, 14.1% alcohol, this wine just invites you to drink more of it. We tasted this along with an 06′ Sterling Cab ($20) and an 06′ BV George Latour ($90), the Meritage was the hands down winner. At $13 bucks, I’ve already purchased several bottles and I suggest you do the same! It’s from St. Supery, their Meritages (Elu) start in the $50 range and soar from there.

  9. @Matt: Happy Holidays and thanks for digging. Those facts will be very useful this week.
    Have a great New Year and make sure to have plenty of backstock of the bubbly!

  10. @JB, @Mel and @Victor Thanks for the tips on the Tribunal. Looks like per @Matt it is/was available in NorCal but I didn’t see it before heading out for the holidays. Hopefully there is some left when I get back!

    @Angela Thanks for the notes on bubbles, very well timed for folks that are shopping for New Year’s.

    @Matt Thanks for tip on the TJ’s Grand Reserve Meritage. While $13 is quite an investment that is a pretty strong recommendation! I’ll have to give it a try…

  11. @Angela – hope the holidays is treating store 109 well! I know we have been busier than last year. It’s been fun in the wine section!

    Per my recommendation of Trader Joe’s Grand Reserve 2008 Meritage; Jason gave his nod of approval that I can post a link here to my review of it. I think you will all like the wine MUCH more than Lazy Bones…

  12. Good to know, thanks! I received a bottle of this wine in the gift I got at my office holiday party last December. I opted to use it as decoration in my fancy wine holder and opted to open the Estancia Cab that came with that, instead…sounds like I made the right choice!

  13. Looks like I’m the only who liked this one. Oh well, nothing wrong with a little against the grain once in a while.

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