Razor’s Edge Wines

The Razor’s Edge (per their site) is “the thin line representing a perfect balance between extremes. It is here that our wines can be found, perfectly combining quality and value, complexity and approachability, power and elegance, regional character and purity of flavor. Razor’s Edge wines not only walk the line, they dance upon it.”

Now anyone that knows me is well aware that I would find that a compelling tale. However in this case I had some apprehension as I had tried one of their wines, the Shiraz, long ago and came away disappointed. Nonetheless with a mantra like that I couldn’t help but be eager to give them a try when I received these samples. How did they fare?
Razor's Edge Wines

  • 2009 Razor’s Edge Chardonnay ($12) – (12.5%) 100% Chardonnay – Lighter in color with floral and white citrus fruit on the nose. Juicy and vibrant on the palate with white apple, peach and nectarine flavors. The oak (15% new oak barriques) appears towards the middle and adds a creamy texture but is immediately balanced by a nice adicity which drives through to a clean and pleasant finish. A simple and enjoyable wine for any occasion.
  • 2008 Razor’s Edge Shiraz-Grenache ($12) – (14.5%) 75% Shiraz, 25% Grenache – Medium purple in color; violet on the edges. The nose shows sweet fruits, earth and spice. Starts big and jammy with luscious dark berry fruit on the palate. It remains soft and approachable as the fruit thins and is joined by a peppery, mineral component on the mid-palate. The finish remains fruity but brings in dry, leathery tannins with barrel driven creaminess that linger on nicely together. Nicely structured throughout. I think the Wine Enthusiast liked this one more than me as they named it the number 22 wine in their Top 100 Best Buys of 2010. That said I enjoyed it nonetheless.

So do these wines find the Razor’s Edge? My take is not quite. While both drink nicely and deliver fair value for the price neither make a lasting impression. That said if you have tried these wines I’d love to hear your thoughts. If not have any tips to share on wines that you thought found the “razor’s edge”

*as indicated above these wines were indeed received as press samples

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7 thoughts on “Razor’s Edge Wines

  1. The Shiraz-Grenache is on my want list, but I’m having trouble locating it in my area (L.A.), where did you happen to buy it? Wine Enthusiast says it has notes of “raspberry vanilla, cocoa & coffee on the finish,” that’s my kind of thing, but I see you didn’t find that with this one.

  2. @WeHoWINO I received it as a sample but have reached out to see if they can recommend where you can pick it up in LA. If you track it down would be interested in hearing your thoughts and whether you picked up the “raspberry vanilla, cocoa & coffee on the finish”

    @Carl Ditto above, I’ll see if I can get someone to stop by and help you both out!

  3. Hi Jason:

    That would be great! I’d love to taste and let you know what I think. If you know where I can get some, I’ll go get it and let you know! I am located in the Livermore area.

  4. Hey guys – I have some information on where you can pick up Razor’s Edge wines!

    The Shiraz-Grenaches is a great wine that I would definitely recommend. Unfortunately most of the locations that carry it are in San Francisco.

    If shopping online is an option http://www.thewinebuyer.com has the Shiraz-Grenache for $11.98 and http://www.littlebroswine.com has it for $9.99 *shipping not included.

    If you want to try other Razor’s Edge varietals, BevMo in Livermore and WEHO carry the Chardonnay and the Cabernet Sauvignon. Ruth Chris Steakhouse in Pasadena carries the Shiraz by the glass and Vendome Wine & Spirits in Toluca Lake carries the Shiraz, but they are currently out of stock.

    Hope this information is helpful – Cheers!

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