2006 Oreana ? Red Table Wine

Price: $5.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

2006 Oreana ? Red Table WinePer Oreana Winery “A soft, satiny, sexy wine, with voluptuous black cherry and blackberry fruit, plus layers of chocolate and spices suggestive of cinnamon, mint and more. Powerful and complex, yet open and accessible.”

What I Think:

This one is an offering from the folks at Oreana Winery who you may be familiar with as they are the same folks behind the Project Happiness label and Mission Point Pinot Noir that have long graced the Trader Joe’s shelves. Now I’ve heard from many over the years that were fans of this wine but had yet to try it and figured it was due time to rectify that so on a recent visit in the cart it went. The bottle says “Mistake of fate?” and tell the story of an accidental blending of two lots. Funny, guessing the NV bottling also said the same. The story just doesn’t hold water anymore (just like the Trentatre but we will save that for another day). Good thing this winemaker doesn’t work for me or he’d be fired! Or would he? Let’s see what the bottle has to say?

(14.5%) Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon – Dark, almost opaque in the glass. Once you get near this one it is cloying from the get go. Big, flabby and sweet on the palate if you view the glass half empty. For the half full crew this comes across as a big, relatively smooth fruit bomb with puckering black cherry flavors that shows dry pepper notes on the back end. Either way there is lingering heat on the finish. How do you view the glass? I’m half empty on this one as it seems like a headache waiting to happen. That said feel free to give it a shot if it sounds like it may be up your alley…

Rating: 12th Bottle

Stay tuned for more reviews soon! Unfortunately most of mine as of last have been of the self and peer type as we go through performance reviews at the day job… Hope you are all drinking well!

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3 thoughts on “2006 Oreana ? Red Table Wine

  1. Oh, man. Horrid stuff. In fact, the Happiness bottling they have will rot right through your drains…not to mention burn a hole in your gut.
    A friend of mine brought Happiness over one night a few years back and it is STILL an inside joke, mostly due to the irony of its name.
    The tasting room is awful – the staff doesn’t really care to discuss any of the wines, and I was so put off by the lack of quality that I had to go outside (I’m not good at hiding my distaste.) Overall, one of the wines that eventually made me distrust the wine section at TJ’s completely, lest I see a wine I know well. Just my two pennies.

  2. Great wine for $5.99 – matched well with a Humus, and or foods with a little fat or a little creaminess…I would buy this again.

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