2007 Vinum Cellars White Elephant

2007 Vinum Cellars White ElephantPrice: $5.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

Per Vinum Cellars (pdf) “Light straw color, tangerine and kefir lime aromas open, but then melon, lemon and almond paste prevail. On the palate, the bright acidity is multi-dimensional from tart apple to sour cherry to fresh lemon curd. The acidity from Chenin Blanc is balanced on a complex canvas of ripe Bartlett pear and floral palate from the Roussanne, while the honeyed and nectary capacity of the Viognier provides the final harmonious ingredients to make this wine finish as the unique hybrid it was intended to be.”

What I Think:

Now Vinum Cellars has had a few quality offerings available at Trader Joe’s over the last year or so. The best amongst them (IMHO) was the 2007 (CMW) Chenin Blanc which drank very nicely for $4.99. I’ve noticed that one is back with a new vintage and a slightly modified label. Has anyone had a chance to try it yet? Just as I was reaching for it wouldn’t you know I spotted this “white elephant” and wouldn’t you know I got distracted. Yes by a label but only initially. As I read through the blend I became further intrigued and in the cart it went. The CNW will have to wait for another day. So what did we have here?

A blend of 58% Chenin Blanc, 30% Rousanne and 12% Viognier this one is light straw in the glass. A nice full nose of mixed tropical, lemon and lime fruits along with floral notes and just a hint of spice. Smooth and balanced on the palate with lemon and clean acidity leading the way. Very nice weight to the mouthfeel with crisp white fruits briefly making an appearance before lemon reemerges and drives this home to a refreshing finish that last nicely. At $6 (vs. $14) this shows very nice QPR and is better than the Emergence White and is more interesting than the aforementioned Vinum Chenin Blanc Trader Joe’s has/had on offer. I’ll certainly be looking to get some more. If you decide to do the same would love to hear your thoughts…

Rating: Buy It

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One thought on “2007 Vinum Cellars White Elephant

  1. Recently returned from a gastro-viticultural (TM) tour of Napa, CA. Had the good fortune to eat at Morimoto’s and the someillier recommended this Vinum White Elephant to pair with some sushi maki & black cod w/ ginger sauce. Wine is wonderful! Mouthfeel is fantastic and it nicely balances acids and sugars for a lasting complex fruity taste. Lovely with a meal or all on its own. Highly recommended to enjoy a little warmer than traditionally suggested for a white. Happy to hear TJ’s carries it as I was frantically searching the web trying to find a local source. Will absolutely buy again, and may just become my summer everyday wine.

    Highly recommended, especially considering QPR. FYI – I paid $32/bottle at Morimoto. I think it would still be a value at $15.

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