2006 Chapillon Priorat Reves

Price: $8.99 @ Trader Joe’s imported by Latitude Wines

What They Said:

2006 Chapillon Priorat RevesPer Trader Joe’s (pdf) “Tenacity and grace—that’s Priorat. This small region, southeast of Barcelona, is known for its steep hillsides, hot days and unforgiving, slate-based soils (known locally as licorella). Cultivated since the Carthusian monks in the Middle Ages, this formidable terroir, now a Spanish Denominació d’Origen Qualificada (DOQ1), gives rise to grapes that are equal parts perseverance and elegance. Their juice is surreal: intense and stunningly structured with soft tannins. Experience it in Rêves.”

What I Think:

(14%) 40% Carignan, 35% Garnacha, 25% Syrah – Dense and dark in the glass. Aromatically interesting with dark fruit, sweet cigarbox, spice and graphite notes. Supple and dense (again) on entry with tart blackberry flavors this one shows slight creaminess and vanilla on the mid-palate before leading to a short, dry leathery finish with mild tannins. On open it seemed overly oaked but this blew off with time. This wine showed nice structure and balanced throughout. Certainly an interesting find for $9.

Rating: Buy It – This wine might not be for all but if you like a dry, rich, dense wine or are comfortable trying something new at this price point it is worth giving this one a shot.

For those willing to spend just a bit more Joe over at Good Cheap Vino recommends the 2003 Les Mines Priorat which you can pick up as part of the 5 cent sale at BevMo for $12.52 a bottle. Joe has this to say; “This bottle is severely under-priced and could easily take on bottles that are $40-$50.” and compared it to the Reves as so “for $4 more, the Les Mines Priorat 2003 is 20 times better”. I know I am going to try and track a bottle down and you may want to do the same…

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12 thoughts on “2006 Chapillon Priorat Reves

  1. Saw this on and end cap last week and snagged a bottle. Have yet to try it.

    I also picked up a few whites I opened over the past week: La Famiglia Pinot Grigio (Skip it) and the Chateau des Cleons Muscadet (12th bottle/Buy it).

  2. I have tasted both Les Mines and Rêves. Without a doubt Les Mines is superior(my tasting notes are here)http://bit.ly/h72yzC But Rêves is a good buy. If you’re familiar with Priorat you will know that these wines are rarely priced below $20 let alone $9! Buy it. You will not be disappointed.

  3. Yeah, the Reves is pretty nice & tasty for the price point.

    BTW, gotta a chance to try some wines yesterday, although it was a last minute thing and I didn’t get a chance to take notes. Here’s what I remember:

    Cocobon: Fruity 71 % Zin-based blend was quite popular with the Crew. I was surprised by the decent acidity on the finish, so not bad for $6.99.

    Canard Sauvage Petite Sirah: Deep, dark purple, smooth and delicious, I enjoyed this much more than their Zin. Hearty, food-friendly, I want another glass: $9.99

    Nerelo de Bastardo: Red blend from Italy that was definitely mouth-filling and good. It was the best accompaniment to the pizzas we were tasting.: $6.99

    TJ’s Reserve Garnacha
    Big, bold Spanish fruit from vines 80-120 yrs old, this wine has great flavor and is definitely worthy of the “Reserve” label: $9.99

    Unfortunately, the Mouton Cadet Rouge and the Medoc we had weren’t really that interesting compared to the other wines. Very much French in style & structure, fairly lean and clean but not really standouts.

    Warning: Be on the lookout for a TJ’s Grand Reserve Russian River Pinot Noir.
    It just appeared in the NCA Order Guide this week, so hopefully within the next few weeks or so. : )

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  5. Hey Angela, interesting you put the Canard Petite Sirah ahead of their Zin. I’m the opposite on that. The Zin is absolutely one of my favorite wines at TJ’s. I tried it before and after going to ZAP in SF and trying 150 Zins (100% tasting, no drinking, honest!)and it still stands out for me as a great wine. I thought the Petite Sirah was all barrel. Not a bad wine, but I was a bit let down by it :/

  6. @Hi Matt,

    Well, the last time I had the Canard Zin it was the 15.8% beast. Perhaps the current vintage at 14.7%(?) is a little less burly.

  7. This was my first Priorat and was too dry for my taste. As for other Spanish wines, I’ve really enjoyed the VINTJS Garnacha for $5.99.

  8. I really like this style wine, and if you decant this for an hour or so, or use an aerator, you will enjoy this particular bottle a lot more. It smooths out and the fruit really comes out in the mid-palate. Very nice nose, as well. This is dirt cheap for a Priorat.

  9. I agree with SC Arellano Borges that Les Mines is superior Priorat but Rêves is a good Priorat. As WinoClast wrote, if you decant this for an hour or so, or use an aerator, you will enjoy this particular bottle a lot more.
    Les Mines was recommended @ goodcheapvino.com: http://www.goodcheapvino.com/our-bargain-wine-picks-of-the-week-%E2%80%93-february-28/#more-502 Les Mines is available for on sale at BevMo:http://www.bevmo.com/Shop/ProductDetail.aspx?N=39+207+4294967087&area=Wine&ProductID=33051&Ns=Name|0

  10. I have to agree, great wine, and tremendous value! We didn’t decant, and enjoyed how the wine brought out new characteristics over the 2 hours we had it open. So much to experience.


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