#Wines4JapanSF Ticket Giveaway and Specials

#Wines4JapanSF #Wines4JapanSF is right around the corner and for those that didn’t see my last post we have an exciting list of people lined up to pour. I’m quite sure there will literally be something for everyone. With all the details coming together nicely we are looking to make a final push on ticket sales and hoping to sell out the event! To that end I have 10 free tickets to give away here and another 10 “2 for 1″ special offers. So how do you get yours? Read on my friends! I’ve think I’ve made it as easy as possible…

To get your free ticket just be one of the first 10 to leave a comment letting me know which of those pouring you’ve either experienced in the past or are most looking forward to trying for the first time. For those that are interested in the 2 for the price of 1 offer head on over to ticketfly buy your ticket and email me the confirmation (jason at jasonswineblog dot com) and your bonus ticket will be awaiting you at will call when you arrive.

For those that can help spread the word I’d certainly appreciate it and hope to see you there!

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20 thoughts on “#Wines4JapanSF Ticket Giveaway and Specials

    • I’m looking forward to trying Von Holt as well. Love Ed Kurtzman’s wines so expecting good things given his involvement. As for your wife, she does indeed! I’ll leave your ticket at will call with your first name and email address!

  1. @Linda unfortunately Hirsch won’t be able to join us in person. That said they have donated a private tour and tasting to the silent auction.

    @Rick I said I was making it easy didn’t I? You’re in!

    @Greg Look forward to seeing you there!

    All three of your tickets will be at will call under your first name an email addresses.

    Six more tickets available. Who’s next?

  2. What a great event. I am looking forward to Hirsch, Navarro, and Hannah Nicole – some of my favs. Heard good things about James David and Von Holt. Thanks!

  3. How wonderful what you are doing for Japan!!I have tried the Cornerstone and I found it to be excellent! What an incredibly wonderful selection of wines.If you need help or if I can be of assistance in volunteering please let me know.If I am lucky enough to get the complimentary tickets I would be very grateful. I am a multi- internationally trained in the culinary arts and study wines, oenology and mixology internationally.

  4. I saw it was sold out… my mom and I are meeting in SF on Friday for a “girls” weekend, and we were hoping to go… any chance we could get two tickets? We’re looking forward to the Stomping Girl, simply because of the AWESOME name. Thanks!!!

  5. I take it back – not sold out. Sorry. Apparently the website was just burping when I tried to buy. That said…. would be even cooler to get a free ticket (or 2!).

  6. Thanks for all the comments! Brandie, Posh, Tesse, Pat and bf you’ll all have a ticket waiting for you at will call. One more left! Who wants it? Also a few 2 for the price of 1 tickets left…

  7. And Jill grabs the last ticket! Look forward to seeing and meeting all ten of you there. As for everyone else I still have a few more 2 for 1 ticket offers available. Just buy your ticket and forward me the confirmation and you’ll have two tickets waiting for you!

  8. Please release my free ticket Jason… Thank you SO much but I can’t make it!!! Hopefully there’s a good home for my ticket.

  9. I’m glad to see that some groups are still supporting Japan. It is amazing how fast people tend to forget about those in need.

  10. Hey Jason and all the wonderful Volunteers,

    Would you care to give a report for those of us who were stuck at work because no one would take their shift? Please?


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