2009 The Wingman Shiraz

Price: $5.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

2009 The Wingman ShirazPer the bottle “Our curiously rich and spicy blend gets its dark color and robust crushed raspberry and Bing cherry characteristics from Shiraz while the Viognier adds a subtle aromatic tropical fruit flavor. Enjoy with BBQ, pizza and pasta in a spicy tomato sauce.”

What I Think:

I couldn’t recall seeing a Shiraz-Viognier blend from California before so given the price I thought I would give it a shot. This one is made in the Owl Ridge Wine Services facility where the Sebastopol Hills Pinot Noir also hails. Gives it a bit of street cred but let’s see what’s in the bottle…

(14.3%) 90% Shiraz, 10% Viognier – On pop and pour this one is harsh. I hardly had a sip before putting the cork back in. On night two it showed a little better. Juicy currants and tart cranberry on entry. This one shows a bit more weight (courtesy of the Viognier) on mid-palate but it is otherwise non-existent other than a sharp acidity which emerges. This leads straight into a hot finish that shows some hints of barrel creaminess. Sure you can drink it but if you are paying attention chances are you’ll be wishing you were drinking something else. Not even a good value at this price.

If you are looking for a Shiraz at Trader Joe’s I’d recommend checking out the Chook Shed (disclaimer: I haven’t had the latest vintage) And by the way if you think I didn’t like it Jeff over at Viva la Wino minces even fewer words on this one…

Rating: Skip It

Any one out there have a favorite value Shiraz to share? If so do tell…

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10 thoughts on “2009 The Wingman Shiraz

  1. I’ve really liked Obikwa Shiraz from South Africa — it’s subtler and more interesting than most bargain Shiraz/Syrah I’ve tried. But so far I’ve only seen it in Canada! I’ve also really enjoyed Forest Grove Cellars Syrah from Washington State.

  2. I agree, the Chook Shed is better wine at around the same price. The newest vintage of it is solid and won’t disappoint for those looking to grab a few bottles for bbq season. I had high hopes for this wine, after tasting it though, it seemed to be just average.

    • Glad to hear the Chook Shed is still delivering. I likewise had high hopes but will certainly think twice about “CA Shiraz” versus Syrah in the future…

  3. The VINTJS 2007 Napa Valley Red Wine has a splash of viognier at .5%, and is worth checking out @ $7.99. The new Chook Shed is decent, but lacks the density of the ’08. We finally got some of the “D” Pinot Noir in SOCal, and it’s pretty brilliant for $14.99.

  4. Jason, I haven’t found a good shiraz/syrah at TJ’s lately. However, the 08 Paringa Shiraz from South Australia @ $8.99 at many Bevmo’s (Beverages & More! stores) is a consistent winnerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!. Brooding, dark and plummy, overtones of sage and tarragon, with nutmeg, cardamon and white pepper in numerous pleasing layers of mingled flavors and aromas. Polished tannins. A bulk buy fruit bomb–awarded a Wine Spectator 89, Best Value rating. Cheers.

  5. Thanks for the straight to the point warning, although I still wanted to read why it wasn’t any good. Which vintage from Chook Shed did you have?

  6. The couple of Crew members that tried this one had much the same reaction as you. I thought it sounded interesting, but apparently the Viognier is just too much and if the Shiraz isn’t good to begin with, then why bother?

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