Hangtown Red Lot 41

NV Hangtown Red Lot 41Price: $6.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

Per Boeger Winery “Luscious and jammy aromas of: cedar, earth, vanilla, caramel, cherries, plums and oak. Rich flavors of dark fruits, gentle tannins and balances acidity make this the intimate BBQ companion.”

What I Think:

Hailing from El Dorado county this one seems to be a regular (or not so much) hodgepodge. Lot 38 was Zin, Cab, Barbera and Petite Sirah. Lot 42 was a Barbera and Zinfandel blend. And they move fast. They announced Lot 41 on Feb 28th and they are already on to Lot 42. A search turns up that the Hangtown Red also has quite a legacy having first been bottled back in 1975. I found this interesting article that did a great job of sharing the back story. While it appears there was once some information available on Lot 41 that is no longer the case. That said it looks like the winery does a good job of offering these for fair prices ($8.75) on their site while working with Trader Joe’s at the same time. I’m always happy to see that!

(14.1%) Blend Unknown – Nice fruity nose this translates to the palate with rich plum flavors. A bit of acidity emerges as the mid-palate dries out and starts to show some gentle, chewy tannins which lead to a plush, creamy finish (showing vanilla and oak) with just a hint of sweetness that lingers together nicely. This is Trader Joe’s sweet spot as they deliver many wines with the same taste profile.

In the article mentioned above they quoted Greg Boeger as saying the Hangtown Red “isn’t meant to be a statement wine. Nonetheless, it has a lot to say of how Californians live and eat, as well as their fondness for wines that can be counted on for character and value.” To that end I think they hit the mark. This is an affordable, approachable everyday wine that I’ll certainly be grabbing another bottle of. I think many of you will be pleased if you do the same.

Rating: Buy It

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4 thoughts on “Hangtown Red Lot 41

  1. Welcome back Jason! Thanks for the review. I recently had the Lost Sonnet and really liked it. I believe it was around $10.

  2. Awesome! I am going to have another BBQ this weekend and was just wondering what wine compliments well with that. Thank you for your thorough review from how it first tastes on your palate to what the lingering taste that stays in your mouth. Since I’m not too crazy about sweet wine, would you recommend this to one who’s more into the dry end?

  3. Yeah! Nice to see some reviews my dear : )
    Good to know the Hangtown is worth the $$$
    I’ll let folks know.
    P.S. I found a few bottle of the 2008 Now & Zen at the Oakland Grocery Outlet.
    How can I get one to you?

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