2010 Bonny Doon Vin Gris de Cigare

I’m way late to the party on this one as it has received heaps of praise from the interwebs. That said there is never too much of a good thing right? I was first introduced to this wine (my very first from Bonny Doon) with the 2008 vintage and have grown to love it more with each passing bottle. But enough of the love story, let’s get to the wine!

2010 Bonny Doon Vin Gris de CigarePrice: $15.00 @ Bonny Doon Vineyard*

What They Said:

Per Winophilia “Randall Grahm’s Bonny Doon Vineyard is one of the grandes dames of the Cali-Rhône movement, and for my money Grahm’s most consistent wine over the years has been his pink Vin Gris de Cigare. Made from a blend of Rhône varieties, it is a consistently excellent California take on the refreshing, dry Provence rosés loved by wine drinkers around the world. Grahm has been making this wine since 1984, back in the days when pink California wine meant the dreaded white zinfandel. That particular category was so uniformly bad that rosés as a group were uniformly rejected in the U.S., but Bonny Doon stuck with it. In the category of American rosé, this is the éminence grise, as pun-meister Grahm would likely say.

Very pale pink in color, it offers an array of red berry, citrus and spice flavors, with a racy quality that makes it extremely flexible with food. Or serve it by itself. At 12.8% alcohol it’s very easy to drink. You’ll be shocked how quickly a bottle disappears, so don’t buy just one.”

What I Think:

(12.8%) 71% Grenache, 16% Rousanne, 11% Grenache Blanc, 2% Mourvedre – An interesting mix of mostly red and some white grapes this one is a beautiful salmon pink in the glass. It explodes with strawberry field aromas (and a hint of minerals) on the nose. Strawberry, melon, crisp green apple greet you on the palate along with subtle floral notes. The mid-palate shows a firm rocky, creek bed mineral component and balanced acidity that leads to a crisp, pleasant and refreshing crescendo where the Rousanne adds a nice touch of richness to the finish. Dry throughout this one leaves your mouth watering and begging for more. Pairs easily with food and the only problem with popping it on the porch is that this is more than a typical quaffer and may distract your attention with its goodness. At $15 this is more than I typically look to spend on a rose but worth every penny. This one will leave you wishing you had more so be sure to stock up. I know I will be… 3,298 cases made

Rating: Wow!

*While I did receive a bottle of this wine as a sample I have since purchased many more on my own. You should too…

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4 thoughts on “2010 Bonny Doon Vin Gris de Cigare

  1. Yum, this sounds so yummy! Do you recommend for this one to be aged for a more flavorful taste or can be consumed right away? I often have trouble debating what should be aged and what is better to be opened right away.

  2. Randall is the original “Rhone Ranger”, a title given to him by some wag about a decade ago. I have been drinking this and its sister wine (Le Cigare Volant) for about 10 years (maybe more). I would not age it more than a year or two as both the sugar and tannins are low. This was my go to wine after the Sebastiani’s Eye of the Swan got popular and lost its quality.

  3. @Karina Like Don mentions no need to wait hear. Feel free to drink up as soon as you bring them home. That said no need to rush to drink it either. Will be fine for another year or so. I personally think more but can’t speak from experience…

  4. Don, thanks for the advice and explanation! I guess I don’t have to try the Sebastiani’s Eye of the Swan since the quality isn’t there anymore, thanks again!

    Jason, thanks for the advice! Hm, maybe I can buy one and wait a little while to drink it? I just don’t like when I open the bottle too early and it doesn’t end up tasting as great. I wish there was an easy way to tell how long to age a bottle of different types of wine. Do you have any suggestions?

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