2009 Franz Etz Grüner Veltliner

2009 Franz Etz Gruner VeltlinerPrice: $11.99 (for 1L) @ K&L Wines imported by Winemonger

What They Said:

Per K&L Wines When it comes to killer value-priced Gruners like this one, more is definitely more. You will find that a liter of this in your fridge goes much much quicker than anticipated! This very dry, peppery white rings in at just 12.5% abv, and it is a cool, clean, bracing quaff with a spicy finish and notes of green melon and grapefruit. Just what a white wine should be, and nothing more.

What I Think:

(12.5%) I don’t know that I can say simple with any more enthusiasm than right here. Light straw color with stony, citrus notes on the nose. The palate is immediately dry, crisp and refreshing with nice mineral driven acidity and juicy lemon and honeydew flavor that gently fade in to an again crisp, white pepper finish. This one comes in a liter bottle and is perfect for any summer quaffing occasion. Going to the beach? Yes. Having a barbeque? Yes. And can pair with just about any meal to boot. Good stuff. If you are looking to get started with Gruner look no further than this crowd-pleaser!

Rating: Buy It

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2 thoughts on “2009 Franz Etz Grüner Veltliner

  1. Nice to see a good value Gruner on your radar. Try Der Pollerhof for $10.99/L
    also available at K&L. Great for summer drinking and a nice party wine as well.

    Still waiting for management to get back to tastings….hopefully before the holidays or I’ll be endlessly behind. ; )

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