2008 Vinum Cellars Chenin – Vio

Based on my recent post on the Sauvignon Republic I’ve had many ask if King Shag is no longer your go to summer white what is? While the answer is multi-dimensional (see my Summer 2011 Top 10 List in the works) for today let’s just stick to the best white Trader Joe’s had to offer at this time (and I admittedly haven’t sampled them all…). That said I’m guessing you’ve seen the title of this post so let’s get to the wine itself (which while admittedly a bit simple) over delivers at the sub $8 price point.

2008 Vinum Cellars Chenin - VioPrice: $3.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

Per Vinum Cellars (pdf) “Light golden straw color, intensely fresh guava nectar, jasmine and honeysuckle aromas are the generous offerings of this unique blend. The palate quite clearly expresses a purity in acidity which is attributable to the wine’s majority contributor; Chenin Blanc. This acid profile is balanced deftly with appealing apricot flavors, texture and light rose pedal musk that can be derived only from Viognier. The palate is left with crisp green apple acidity, the nectary goodness of Peach/Apricot with an intermittent honeycomb finish. This wine is a marvelous accompaniment to fine goat cheese dishes like tarts, baked goat cheese over a mesclun of greens and champagne vinaigrette and small thin crust aged goat cheese pizzettas, with sun dried tomatoes of course. It is an excellent aperitif, favorite summertime sipper and Sunday brunch staple.”

What I Think:

(13.4%) 86% Chenin Blanc, 14% Viognier – Green/yellow tinged in the glass the Viognier owns the nose with honeyed floral aromas and banana notes. The palate starts crisp and clean with Chenin’s firm acidity leading the way. On the mid-palate the Viognier kicks in and the wine gets a bit richer with ripe peach flavors before a stony, mineral component emerges and drives through a (slightly creamy) green apple driven finish. An easy drinking, enjoyable bottle for $4. Count me in for a few more bottles…

Rating: Buy It

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2 thoughts on “2008 Vinum Cellars Chenin – Vio

  1. Oh my goat cheese!! I was there the other day, but ran out of hands to carry back a bottle home. Must purchase this today!

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