2009 Uvaggio Vermentino

Uvaggio is a winery that focuses on “interesting Italian grape varieties offered at extremely interesting prices”. Now that is one way to get my attention in a hurry. Not only is Vermentino their flagship wine, it is more than half of their annual making them the largest producer of the varietal in California. Their take on Vermentino is that if you like Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc that you definitely need to give Vermentino a try. I have before, on a limited basis, but was glad to get a chance to do so again. How’d it go?

2009 Uvaggio VermentinoPrice: $14.00 @ via the winery*

What They Said:

Per Uvaggio “We harvested beginning in early Sept, finishing by the end of the month, all at peak maturity – yet at relatively low brix, making this an ideal variety for a lower alcohol wine. All the lots were free-run juice (no pressing) and cool fermented in tank with a fruit enhancing strain of yeast and without a malo-lactic conversion. About 10% was aged in neutral oak for complexity. Post fermentation it was racked twice followed by a light fining, then another racking and filtration prior to bottling.

Our descriptors: fresh and supple; lively yet subtle lime, quince and pear aromas; flavors of melon and stone fruits.”

What I Think:

(11%) Light golden yellowish (reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc). Great nose, multi layered with green apples and floral blossoms. You are going to want to keep your nose in the glass for awhile. Equally as exciting on the palate where it starts fresh and bright before delivering a plush dose of cantaloupe flavors. A smooth, balanced acidity emerges on the mid-palate before a nice salty, saline tinge on a minerally finish that lingers on refreshingly. Makes me want to drink more Vermentino. Perfect as an aperitif on a sunny patio or pair it with the summer fare of your choice. At $14 this one is well worth the price of entry.

Rating: Buy It (another one to add to my list of Summer faves)

*This wine was received as a press sample but I would purchase another bottle with my very own US$ if I see it…

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