2010 Hungry Hollow Riesling

Hungry Hollow is the latest label from one of my long standing favorites; Navarro Vineyards (reviews). The reference is to an old railway that used to run lumber from the town of Navarro to be loaded on ships bound for San Francisco. The most eastern end of that track resided in Hungry Hollow where the “wine flowed freely in boarding houses and dance halls”. Previously sold off in bulk Navarro (thankfully) decided to recognize the state of the economy and introduce a new line of “local wines at prices every thrifty and hard-working man or woman can afford.” I applaud them for doing so. The initial release consists of a Riesling (review below), Gewurztraminer and a Syrah. Best of all those interested in trying it can get a sample pack of all three for $30 with one cent shipping. I’m enjoying the Gewurztraminer as I write and looking forward to the Syrah soon but in the meantime here are my thoughts on the Riesling…

2010 Hungry Hollow RieslingPrice: $9.99 @ Navarro Vineyards

What They Said:

Per Navarro Vineyards “Navarro’s Campsite vineyard is out favorite source of Riesling. It was planted fifteen years ago on gravely soil to three different clones, each one a preferred choice in three different countries: clone 49 from Alsace, Neustadt 90 from Germany and FPMS 9 from California. We kept the lots separate during winemaking as they ripened at different rates. This vintage was the coolest on record, the grapes ripened very slowly and it was late October before the grapes had turned from green to gold finally signaling that the grapes were ripe. Clone 9 we discovered had less sugar than normal and produced a wine with very low alcohol reminiscent of German Rieslings from the Rheinpfalz. The pretty aromas are of jasmine, green apple and apricot. Pippin apple dominates the flavors with suggestions of lime zest and peach. The finish is remarkably dry due to high natural acidity and the restrained alcohol of only 11.3% keeps it refreshing. This is a light, crisp wine to serve before supper or to accompany crab, abalone, clams, halibut or your own version of fisherman’s stew.”

What I Think:

(11.3%) Citrus, banana and apricot on the nose. Juicy, rich palate with loads of green apples backed up by peach flavors and moderate acidity that keeps it crisp throughout. Including through the citrus driven finish which is short but refreshing. This is a dry version with (thank goodness for me) not even a hint of sweetness. While I’d like a bit more acidity this is certainly fairly priced at $10. My recommendation is to drink this a touch colder than your typical white. Either way Riesling is by nature extremely food friendly and this is easy to recommend with salads, seafood, Asian dishes and more.

Wine Geek Notes: 22.4 brix. Residual Sugar = 0.9g/l. Bottle says 12.5%abv web says 11.3%. Made from a blend of three clones; clone 49 from Alsace, Neustadt 90 from Germany and FPMS 9 from California.

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3 thoughts on “2010 Hungry Hollow Riesling

  1. What did you think Angela? The Riesling was nice but was my least favorite of the bunch. Always gravitate towards the Gewurzt but was surprised by how much I enjoyed the Syrah…

  2. Hi Jason,

    Just got my box the other day and I haven’t dove in yet, but thanks for the reviews.

    BTW, October Flyer is right around the corner. Look for a Lodi red blend called Dearly Beloved($6.99) and a VINTJS Edna Valley Pinot Noir($6.99). Also, the Chariot has shown up as “Coming” in the Order Guide this week. I’ll keep y’all posted when you can get some.

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