First Take: 2010 Chariot Gypsy

As mentioned in yesterday’s Trader Joe’s Thursday post the 2010 vintage of the Chariot Gypsy has hit the shelves. Long time readers know that with each annual release I tend to leverage a rare video segment to share some initial thoughts whether that be from the Trader Joe’s parking lot (circa 2008) or later that evening from home. Without further introduction here is my initial take on the 2010 Chariot Gypsy…

To recap, we have a blend of 63% mystery “dry red”, 22% Cabernet and 15% Merlot versus the heavy Zinfandel component and accompanying Petite Sirah typical in previous vintages. Sweet on the nose and a touch on the palate with juicy cherries and soft acidity. Simple and pleasing but perhaps as good for what it isn’t, not cloying, harsh or flabby, as what it is. A solid $5 table wine for any occasion.

Have you had it yet? If so I’d love to hear your thoughts! If not let me know what your favorite value wine has been as of late…

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24 thoughts on “First Take: 2010 Chariot Gypsy

  1. If you have last year bottle, pour equal amount of water and you will get this year’s 2010 Chariot Gypsy.

    I Enjoyed 4 cases of Gypsy last 2 years and totally disappointed with 2010 Gypsy. Buy charles shaw and you won’t be able to tell the difference.

    Talked with trader joe’s employee and surprisingly everyone said it’s watered-down from last year. They already had a bottle opened for tasting and none of them seem to be happy.

  2. Watered down? I don’t agree. The varietal composition is automatically going to lead it to be lighter, but that doesn’t connote necessarily worse. Lacking the Zin & Petite Sirah, as Jason noted, of the last vintage, it is naturally not going to be as verbose. I’m guessing sangiovese and some eclectic Italian varietals.Food certainly brought out the flavors, much like with a Chianti. I could be way off though.

  3. I picked up a case last week, even though I hadn’t read any reviews. At $5/bottle, I thought I could live dangerously. The holidays are coming up and I need plenty of cheap wines at the ready for friends and family who swig wine without even tasting it. I could serve swill, but, heck, I might as well choose wisely because I’ll be drinking too.

    While the 2010 is not as satisfying as previous years, it is still worthy of buying. It perked up with some food. It’s somewhat thin and simple, but very drinkable. My house is the family gathering place and I go through lots of food and wine. I’m happy I bought a case. Not embarrassed to serve it.

    I recently opened my last bottle of the 2006 vintage that I had put back. I’ll stash a bottle of the 2010, though I don’t expect it will hold up so well.

  4. 2010 Chariot Gypsy lowered its standards dramatically and now it belongs to $5 price point.
    Last couple of years, it was a premium wine selling at $5 and now this is yet another wine in $5 category.

  5. In previous years the Gypsie was more complex and nuanced with hints of tobacco, leather, coffee and chocolate to go along with the fruit. The 2010 is much more simplistic being very fruit forward and slightly sweet but balanced with a touch of acidity.

    Interestingly enough, using an aerator had almost no effect on the wine. Continuing my experiment I saved half the bottle to try the next day, and didn’t think it was nearly as good the day after. The wine lost a lot of its nose as well as some of the fruitiness and like a previous poster said, it did remind me a bit of chuck shaw.

    Still, it might be a simple wine but fresh from the bottle it’s very drinkable, especailly at the $5 price point, and I think it’ll make a lot of people happy over the holidays. I’ll be buying a case on my next trip to TJ’s.

  6. So it seems like a “simple, drinkable $5 wine” would be apt based on the above comments outside of Steve who found it watered down? I did find it less fruit driven than previous vintages but in no way watery… Anyone else out there have thoughts?

  7. Well, regardless of the different flavor profiles and weights between years,
    if you want to buy the 2010, do it NOW! It’s already out of stock in the NCA Order Guide and won’t be around too much longer.

  8. First, I really like your new Web site. Really clean and user friendly. I have to agree with most of the comments, nothing special going on with the Gypsy 2010. Another new wine and some what similar to the Gypsy is the Sugar Pie Red Blend for $5.99. This holiday season all the wines in the holiday flyer will be in a 1.5L size witch will include Tribunal and a Trader Joe’s Grand Reserve Maritage. This should be an interesting wine Holiday.

  9. 2010 Chariot is amazingly ordinary at any price. I’ve tried it right out of the bottle and also let it open for 20 minutes. It’s a little bitter and thin for my taste. I’m hoping it improves with food. But then, that would be damning with faint praise.

  10. spend a buck more and get either 2009 Trentatre Rosso or 2010 Sprial Wine.
    I agree with above 10 reviews that Gypsy scew*d up this year wine. Boat load of them sitting in TJs and not moving.

  11. In a moment of triumph of hope over experience, I laid down five bucks this evening and bought a bottle of the 2010 Gypsy at my neighborhood Trader Joe’s, Inc.

    I consumed about half of it with dinner and am now wondering what to do with the remaining half.

    Somewhere in this muddled blend are traces of good wine, but they are only reminders of what a few extra dollars can buy. Benjamin Franklin’s admonition once again rings true: Never buy something you don’t want just to save money.
    As someone above perceptively commented, it’s an ordinary $5 dollar wine selling for $5.

    I will give the 33 Rosso (2009) another chance, and TJ’s the benefit of another doubt, and hope for a better drink!

  12. Seems to be deteriating each year. Tried it the first time in 2007 or 2008 and found it to be a great wine….each year since seems to be a little bit less pleasing.

  13. Tried my first glass of the 2010. Lighter and less complex than last year but still a great $5 wine, worked well with BBQ sausages. I thought I detected some Zin in the blend.

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