First Take: 2010 Chariot Gypsy

As mentioned in yesterday’s Trader Joe’s Thursday post the 2010 vintage of the Chariot Gypsy has hit the shelves. Long time readers know that with each annual release I tend to leverage a rare video segment to share some initial thoughts whether that be from the Trader Joe’s parking lot (circa 2008) or later that evening from home. Without further introduction here is my initial take on the 2010 Chariot Gypsy…

To recap, we have a blend of 63% mystery “dry red”, 22% Cabernet and 15% Merlot versus the heavy Zinfandel component and accompanying Petite Sirah typical in previous vintages. Sweet on the nose and a touch on the palate with juicy cherries and soft acidity. Simple and pleasing but perhaps as good for what it isn’t, not cloying, harsh or flabby, as what it is. A solid $5 table wine for any occasion.

Have you had it yet? If so I’d love to hear your thoughts! If not let me know what your favorite value wine has been as of late…

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24 thoughts on “First Take: 2010 Chariot Gypsy

  1. We had this tonight with hot wings, I thought the smoothness of the wine balanced with the spiciness of the wings really well. Still enough acidity to cut through the greasiness of the chicken, and the cherry flavor still came out just strong enough against the flavorful wing sauce. I thought it was a good mid-week table wine when paired with a spicy/meaty meal. However, I haven’t tried it from its heyday of previous vintages.

  2. I have appreciated earlier versions of gypsy but it is more satisfying to know its component varietals. Any info on the 63% mystery red contained in theblend

  3. Well, for those of y’all that enjoyed this version I hope you stocked up, because what’s left on the shelves is all that she wrote for this vintage. Hopefully he’ll beef up the 2011 and at least let us know what’s in it.

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