2009 Black Star Farms Arcturos Riesling

Price: $18.00 from Black Star Farms

What They Said:

2009 Black Star Farms Arcturos RieslingPer Black Star Farms on the 2010 “Riesling from great vineyards and vintages can produce some of the world’s most interesting and age-worthy dry wines. Vibrant and fresh with lush fruit aromas and balanced with bracing acidity, this wine will surprise you with its versatility at the table.”

What I Think:

(11%) My first wine from Michigan courtesy of @WineMonologues. Pale gold in color. White floral, mineral nose. Starts clean, crisp and focused slowly unfurling to show ripe peach and red grapefruit flavors with more citrus on the edges. Nice acidity (soft, not biting) throughout and a touch sweet on a balanced, refreshing green apple finish. Pegged between dry and medium dry on the International Riesling Foundation scale there is a lot to like hereā€¦

Rating: Interesting

How about you? Had a wine from Michigan? If so what did you think?

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3 thoughts on “2009 Black Star Farms Arcturos Riesling

  1. A friend gave me a late harvest Riesling from Brys Estate (http://www.brysestate.com/index.php) in Traverse City, MI. It was unbelievable–it hit the front of your tongue with some sweetness, popped and rocked all over the middle of the palate with fruity flavors, and then finished with just the right amount of acidity on the back. I would kill for another bottle.

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