Trader Joe’s Thursday Vol. III

Trader Joe’s Thursday Vol. IIIWelcome to the special Thanksgiving addition of Trader Joe’s Thursdays. As many of you have hopefully noticed I have been heads down working my way through a wide range (26+ bottles and $160+ in…) of Trader Joe’s wine as I narrow in on my next Top 10 list. Just ask my poor friend Robert Dwyer (who blogs over at The Wellesley Wine Press); when he visited last week I had him drinking through a lineup of 6+ TJ’s wines with me. That said we are nearly there. I still have a few loose ends to wrap up but expect to publish the new and improved list by the close of the weekend so stay tuned.

In the meantime for any of those in last minute need of help for Thanksgiving here is what I’ll be serving tomorrow. This may be entirely too much wine based on the size of your gathering but pick and choose as needed. I’ll list some favorites first followed by Trader Joe’s alternatives second. And before I forget Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  1. Start with bubbles:
  2. Go to Riesling (or Gewurztraminer):
  3. Turn to Pinot Noir:
  4. Finish with Zinfandel:

How about you? What are your drinking for Thanksgiving? I’d love to hear!

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One thought on “Trader Joe’s Thursday Vol. III

  1. Not sure if “Trader Joe’s Thursdays” is going to continue, but if so, the ’09 “Revelation” Cabernet/Merlot from Vin de Pays d’Oc might be worth checking out. It’s the good version of a $6.99 Languedoc red: medium-to-full-bodied, fruit forward, fairly rich, acceptably earthy, and not terribly unbalanced. The alcohol is a little oppressive on the finish, but the rich jamminess makes this a great entry-level French red for someone used to drinking Cali wines.

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