Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday we celebrated my favorite holiday of the year! What I love about Thanksgiving is that you get together with your family and loved ones to share a meal (and of course some fine wine), enjoy the conversation and spend some treasured time together. Absent of the commercial aspect of the upcoming holidays it is a chance to take a step back from the everyday and be thankful for the many things we have in life. And one of those things is those of you reading here. Thanks to you readers I have a place to share my love for wine and get rewarded with your enthusiasm, your knowledge and even your wine tips. Without these reciprocate exchanges this blog would long ago have been a thing of the past. So thanks for keeping it going and from my family to yours Happy Thanksgiving! And here’s to hoping you drank well…

A bubbly start to the day...The inevitable Chardonnay course

2002 Navarro Deep End RieslingThanksgiving Turkey 2011

2004 Ridge Vineyards York Creek Zinfandel1998 Josef Friederich Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Riesling Auslese

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2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. I’m with you, Jason. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, too, for many of the reasons you mention. Our group stayed stuck on sparkling wine exclusively. 06/07 Schramsberg Sparkling Blanc de Noir (Napa) and NV Ayala Brut Majeur Champagne (France) were the favorites–each were wonderfully fruit forward and bright with delicious edges of toast and chalk. The NV Gruet Brut Rose (New Mexico) was disappointing with barely a quarter of one bottle served.
    Regarding the spirit of Thanksgiving, I keep this quote from Victor Davis Hansen close to me every day: “The ancient Greeks remind us that when success and bounty arrive, then, especially, it is time to be self effacing, modest, generous and forgiving. If not, retribution follows____whether because human nature dictates that the crowd wishes misfortune on the haughty, or, as I confess that I believe, there is a sort of divine force that seeks to remind us of our own folly and can only do that in appropriately dramatic and timely fashion.”

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Jason!

    I was at a local wine shop the day before Thanksgiving. I was tempted to grab a bottle of Gruet based on Spectator’s recent accolades and relative affordability but I asked whether it was at all fruity and one of my favorite wine guys there said “absolutely NOT”. He steered me towards a sparkling Loire rose’ which I loved. Goes to show that local wine stores can be tremendously helpful – especially when navigating categories I’m not as familiar with.

    Also had a couple winners from 90+ Cellars – a Zin and a Pinot Noir. I thought the Santa Barbara Pinot was mind-blowing at the ~$15 price point. I backed up the truck on that one. No joke – it was on par with $40-$60 Pinots I’ve tasted lately.


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