2010 Grifone Primitivo

2010 Grifone PrimitivoPrice: $3.99 @ Trader Joe’s imported by Latitude Wines

What They Said:

Per Trader Joe’s “Grifone Primitivo comes to us from Italy, Zinfandel’s ancestral home. Grapes from vineyards in the Manduria region (geographically, in the boot’s heel) are handpicked at their peak and crafted into a deep, inky red wine with concentrated aromas of red berries and licorice. Not quite as spicy as American Zinfandels, this Primitivo is full-bodied, warm & fruity, with strong, lingering tannins. It’s a wine that’s meant to be enjoyed now”

What I Think:

(13%) 100% Primitivo – Ruby red in the glass with a light strawberry/raspberry, floral nose. On the palate this one is fruit forward with more of those tart red berry fruits. This one turns a tad creamy before an acidic streak kicks in delivering loads of spice on a (slightly hot) tangy, tannic finish. While this one has nice forward fruit it is a bit rough and rustic around the edges which I like. For $4 this is an enjoyable wine I am likely to be buying again (but steer clear of the Toscana…)

Rating: Buy It

Interested in reading more about the Grifone Primitivo?

  • My friends over at Beards & Bellies describe this as “Not an overwhelming wine, but a great and enjoyable everyday drink to go with dinner, although it is more than fine on its own.”
  • The folks over at Cheap Wine Finder call this one a “very complete wine for $3.99.”
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7 thoughts on “2010 Grifone Primitivo

  1. This was a pleasant everyday drinker once it got a little air. My co-workers did a Tasting in the morning where it was showing a bit more earth and rustic tones, but when I came in about 2 pm, it was nice fruit that slid right down.

  2. No, not yet. I’ve been off for a week doing my annual community service and I’m not sure about the current availability of the Epicuro. I’m back tomorrow and I’ll let you know. BTW, I had a pretty awesome Cab Franc at the wine bar last night. Not too green, nice acidity, a little smoky, good stuff. I’ll get the name and price point and let you know. : )

  3. My first glass was pleasant, fruity. It seemed to be fine with little breathing. My second glass the next day tasted much more rustic and less pleasing. Probably won’t buy another bottle of this one.

  4. Well, this one was a hit with customers as it is now all gone.

    BTW, the Epicuro Primitivo is out of stock at the moment, but I’ll try to fit it in when it comes back.
    OK, these aren’t everyday drinking prices, but good quality producers for nice dinners. On the shelves in N.CA Wednesday 2/29:
    Argyle Pinot Noir: $19.99 (Maybe a 2006?)
    Kunde Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon: $12.99 (Maybe a 2007?)

    Rosenblum Heritage Clones Petite Sirah: $15.99 (Maybe a 2007?)
    The price went up significantly on this one, so its not the screaming deal we had previously.

  5. I found (and nabbed) a few bottles of this one on the shelf at my local TJ’s. Good for cooking and sipping at minimum!

    @Angela The Rosenblum Heritage Clones Petite Sirah brings up an interesting story. I first had the 2004 and fell head over heels for it at the time. Given the pundits said it would age for 15-20 years I grabbed three cases. My biggest buy ever (still!). I’ve had some over the years but as my palate has steered away from the style for the time being I don’t enjoy as much as I was once did. Luckily it is aging well so my palate has time to come around…

    Primitivo. (AKA Zinfandel) Epicuro Beat the H out of Grifone! An incredible wine at $5!

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