Trader Joe’s Thursday Vol. IV

Welcome to episode IV of my not so regular Trader Joe’s Thursday series. The good news is that while I may not have been writing that doesn’t mean I wasn’t drinking. So I say we jump right in but first a quick hat tip to Ben Simons over at Vintology (and Clint Eastwood) for inspiring the theme for our article today…

Trader Joe's Wine: The Good
The Good: (these are future Top 10 candidates…)

Trader Joe's Wine: The Bad
The Bad: (or not so bad if you’re a glass half full kind of person…)

  • 2010 Comique Revolution Blanc ($5) – From our friends over at the Central California Wine Warehouse who have been on a bit of a cold streak as of late. Grew on me with time but not sure enough so to buy another bottle.
  • 2010 Wild Horse Pinot Noir ($15) – Not bad and from a well known producer. That said given this one runs $15 I’ll be sticking to the Buena Vista mentioned above.
  • 2010 Found Object Viognier ($7) – Hmmm. My tasting note here sounds a lot better than I remember this wine. Perhaps I ought to give it another shot.
  • 2010 Spiral Wines Cabernet Sauvignon ($5) – This is a favorite of many and I can see why. Not what I personally want from a Napa Cab but then again I’m never going to find that at this price point.
  • 2009 Patianna Pinot Noir ($12) – Like the Thornwood I tasted this one at a work event. However unlike that one I did not come away impressed. I’ll still be sticking to the Buena Vista mentioned above.
  • NV Long Arm Lot 81 ($6) – More big, overripe fruit here. Nothing offensive here but nothing redeeming either.
  • 2008 Epicuro Primitivo ($5) – Now I know Jesse really liked this one and I’m certainly in the minority here as the average CellarTracker rating is 85+ but I tried it again to make sure and my opinion didn’t change much. I prefer the Grifone as this is missing (IMHO) the rusticity I seek in Italian offerings.
  • 2008 Grifone Toscana ($5) – A (not so) Super Tuscan comes across a bit dense. Not bad but it comes across as rather generic.
  • 2010 Big House Red ($7) – A pleasant blend of 20+ grapes with big forward fruit this lacks the acidity or tannins to balance it out.
  • 2010 Sugar Pie Red ($6) – Not bad (some might say similar to the Gypsy) but too sweet for my taste.

Trader Joe's Wine: The Ugly
The Ugly: (enough said…)

So there you have it. Which of your favorite wines am I missing out on? In addition to the Thornwood Cabernet mentioned above I have the Refosco on my shopping list but am certainly open to adding more…

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4 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Thursday Vol. IV

  1. Today purchased the Well Red Organic 6.99 and the balatonboglari Merlot 2010 (semi sweet). Have you tried these before? Its my 1st time, I will try one this evening.

    • I’ve tried the Well Red before and found it to be serviceable but not exciting and I generally steer clear from semi-sweet reds. That said keen to hear what you thought of both. Let us know!

  2. I didn’t think the Espiral VR was so bad. I prefer the VV, but the VR grew on me, and I did end up consuming half the bottle with my TJ’s mac and cheese frozen dinner tonight. I was getting into that watermelon/strawberry combo it had going on.

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