Well hello there 2012!

Baby StellaLooking here at the calendar I’m a little embarrassed to be telling you all Happy New Year on March 6th that said I do have some valid reasons. First off I took on some additional responsibilities at the day job, for those that didn’t know I don’t write for a living ;-), in early November and have been hard at work integrating those into my daily schedule. But perhaps more importantly we were going through the final month of our third pregnancy which ended on January 22nd when our daughter Stella joined us. And boy did I have high aspirations for what I was going to write about during my two weeks of paternity leave but as you can see that didn’t happen…

So that leaves us here. I usually begin each New Year (see here, here and here) with some thought and reflections. All in all, 2011 was certainly my least enjoyable year of the five I have been blogging. First and foremost getting my site hacked what seemed like a hundred times and continually working through that madness drained a lot of energy and enthusiasm that I would have rather focused on writing. 2005 Sandler Sonoma Coast Pinot NoirSo a sincere apology to the many commenters I left hanging! I owe you all in 2012. And as for the writing itself I wasn’t able to overcome my biggest flaw which is writing about things I deeply enjoy. Like this 2005 Sandler Pinot Noir (which I opened the night of Stella’s birth) or my visits to wineries like Domaine Spiropoulos and Gentilini. For whatever reason it paralyzes my tongue and/or fingers. I don’t think I can find the words (or sometimes I blame it on not having the time) to truly convey my appreciation of these experiences…

After I published the Top 10 list in early December I had grand visions of doing the 12 days of Christmas to help those wondering what to buy the wine geeks in their lives. Making this list is as far as I got and it included things like orange wine, Savoie, Gamay, Gruner, Riesling and Rioja. Further I want to spend more time writing about new wineries I discover, long time favorites and new regions that excite me (like Core, Unti and the wines of Mt. Etna). So here is to 2012 and making sure I write about those things. My plan is to kick start this effort with my annual A to Z list soon; fingers crossed that is…

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5 thoughts on “Well hello there 2012!

  1. Hello Jason,

    Congrats on your little Stella! May she bring you joy for many years to come.

    These just came in so I haven’t tried them, but either folks have asked for them or I’m familiar with the producer.
    Kunde Chardonnay: $9.99
    Kunde Merlot: $12.99 (we also have the Cabernet at this price)
    Louis Martini Cabernet (Sonoma?): $13.99
    Ravenswood Shiraz: $7.99
    Apothic Red: $8.99
    Alamos Torrontes: $8.99 (Finally a decent Argentine indigenous white)
    De Loach Pinot Noir: $19.99 which is the CA equivalent to the Oregon Argyle Pinot Noir at the same price
    Hurray for real wine at decent prices! : )

    • Nice list! I’ll be sure to mention this Thursday. Let us know what you get to try. I already grabbed a bottle of Alamos Torrontes as I was running short on whites…

    • Thanks Andy! I will indeed be eagerly watching the vintage reports. Still filling out my son’s from ’06 and first daughter’s from ’08 so lucky I can still afford to drink today! Hope this finds you well…

  2. Howdy,

    Yesterday we did Sonoma vs. Napa Cabernets which included the Kunde.
    Gotta say, really nice red fruit notes, good balance, well made for the price ($12.99) It was the Crew favorite. We also tried the Rodney Strong Alexander Valley ($18.99) which was more like a fruity Merlot than a Cabernet, Sterling Napa ($19.99) which had typical tannins but nothing super special and the Mount Veeder ($24.99) which had nice depth to it but a little too much for my palate. I guess I enjoy Sonoma Cabernets more because I love acidity and quieter tannins.
    Dropping on the 19th, so look for these in your stores on Sunday:
    Babble Red: $6.99: Mendocino Red Blend heavy on the Petite Sirah
    Vintage Napa Cabernet: $8.99
    Amusant Bubbly Moscato: 5.99 (?)
    I’ll add them onto next Monday’s Tasting and let y’all know what I think.

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