2006 Lance & Windmill Petite Syrah

Price: $14.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

2006 Lance & Windmill Petite SyrahRumor has it this one is a $60 bottling from Quixote Winery. Some research over at the TTB quickly confirms this and it further backed by the 2005 being offered at $60 on the winery website. As I understand the ’05 garnered 93pts from the Wine Spectator I’m a bit surprised to find this one on the shelves at Trader Joe’s but intrigued to try it as well…

What I Think:

(14.4%) This one starts with bursting blueberry flavors and tons of dark lush fruit. Juicy, rich and velvety but with nice mouth coating tannins with a touch of leather to keep it “restrained”. As it dries out some spice (along with a touch of heat) emerges on a finish that while short lingers on. Despite the big fruit there are enough other components here to keep it interesting (and intact). It’s been a while since I recall enjoying a Petite Sirah as much as I did this one. Pair this one with a steak or a cigar…

Rating: Buy It (a bit spendy but if you are a fan of Petite Sirah well worth trying)

Interested in reading more about the Lance & Windmill Petite Syrah?

  • My friends over at Beards & Bellies describe this as “stain your tongue deliciousness” and rate it 4.5 out of 5 Bellies
  • My friend Matt over at Trader Joe’s Wine Notes summarizes his thoughts on this one by saying “Simply awesome”
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21 thoughts on “2006 Lance & Windmill Petite Syrah

  1. ALERT: This wine is already out of stock! What the stores have is what’s available. If you like this style of wine, bring your corkscrew to the store, buy a bottle, go to your car, taste it and if your palate sings, rush back inside and buy your case. (My store unfortunately missed getting any by mere hours)

    • I agree, but you don’t need the corkscrew since it’s a screw cap. The Bellflower TJ’s has a good supply. I bought a case on Monday and at that time, they had at least 10 cases in stock. Buy it. Enjoy it now and keep a few for later. It is an awesome Petite Syrah

  2. Interesting out East we have 2007, not 2006. Not pricey at all for a Stags Leap PS of this quality. Glad I was able to get half a case.

  3. One of my co-workers snagged me a bottle and I poured a small glass after work last night. Nice flavor, didn’t get any heat but very dry and lasting finish. Much better with a little salami and a bit of air. Taking the rest to dinner tonight.
    BTW, it did turn my tongue a bit purple even after brushing. Chewy stuff man.

    According to our fact sheets, we got both the 2006 & 2007 under the same SKU number, so it’ll be a mixed bag as to which stores get what year.

  4. Thanks for the quick posting on this wine Jason. Wow, am I glad not only did this deal come around, but I was able to get a few bottles. (as of 3/14) there was still about two cases at the Santa Cruz TJs.

    This wine hits all the right Petite Sirah notes but with additional porky, bacon, mushroom notes which lead me to think there is some Syrah in it as well. It’s after called called Petite Syrah on the label! It’d be awesome if someone got both the 2006 and 2007 and did some tasting notes. I bet it’s a monster and 2007 was a great year.

    It’s a bummer to see an ‘ultra-premium’ producer having to get two vintages on the market at a 75% reduction – but it’s made a great addition to my cellar!

  5. Our local TJ’s didn’t have any, at least that was their story, she answered a bit too quickly so I can’t be sure they didn’t keep it all for themselves ;)

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  7. And where did y’all see the 1.5L “floating about”?
    It’d be an awesome birthday/holiday gift for just about any wine lover on your list.

    BTW, this wine is soooo nice with grilled lamb.
    I put it through the aerator into a decanter and left it alone for about 30 minutes.
    The aromas were just awesome and the finish was only a tiny bit dry.
    Looking forward to sharing this with a few of my more appreciative friends

  8. Yes was awesome and NOT pricey.
    Lest we forget ADD Parsons Flat and Napa Jazz both Limited availability at $15 and are awesome if u can find some. ROSEVILLE, ca HAS BOTH

  9. From what I could gather, the 2008 vintage is even better than the 2005, and the vintner wanted to raise the price of that vintage to $90 a bottle (although I have seen it online for between $70 and $80). This would necessitate dumping the ’06 and ’07 vintages so there would be no price pressure. I doubt Doumani needs the money having sold the Stags’ Leap Winery in the late ’90s after over 20 years of ownership.

    What ever the reason, We Win!

    I love this wine, and intend to buy another case before it slips into history.

  10. I saw this article on Aaron Pott in the Wall Street Journal today. He is the current winemaker at Quixote and this piece speaks to his relationship with the winery’s owner Carl Doumani. Worth a read for those that like a little back story and certainly lends weight to what WinoClast is sharing above…

  11. Great blog Jason! This was one of my most favorite wine buys this decade by Trader Joe’s buyers! Just an FYI for those in the So Cal area that enjoyed this wine, my store (La Jolla, CA) still has a stash of the 2006 on display. I saw you liked the TJ’s Refosco as well. Sadly, I sold the last bottle of that today (I ordered BIG on that one as well after realizing the exceptional quality and price point!

    • thanks for the tip Brian! i went out and bought an additional 7 bottles at TJ la jolla! this wine (and deal) was too good to pass up! someone must have hid this case in the back. i mean, this wine has been sold out all over socal. ;-)

      • I do the wine ordering at my La Jolla store and go BIG on wines that I know are a great value and quality juice. We had a monster diaplay when became available so we have had it last. When I left work today there are still about 4 1/2 cases left (Aside from the shelf its also displayed towards the back of the store on the back side of the center beer isle).

  12. The 2007 Lance is now pretty much gone (MA stores) but the 2010 Tribunal is in and, based on our initial sales (and my personal tasting), it is pretty darned good. Supply is limited and I plan on picking up a case.

    Keep an eye out for it.

    • SoCal warehouse is already out of stock on the 2010 Tribunal. My La Jolla store has about 10 cases left of the initial display. The 2010 blows away the past two vintages in my opinion!

      I wish California had a stab at the 2007 Lance and Windmill, that was such a stellar year for Napa, though I cannot complain about the quality of the 2006! Did you get in the Linen Red (our store loved it).

      A few more that arrived in SoCal today are the Flying Heart Red ($5), a blend of several red grapes including 10% chardonnay as well as the new VINTJ Sav Blanc and Petit Reserve Rose from Napa (both $6).

  13. No Linen Red here (yet) but thanks for the heads up.

    I am actually drinking a 2007 Lance right now (what a massive wine) and I do believe it needs more time in the bottle. I find it to be better the next day! I hope we get the Napa Rose again; that stuff was so good and such a bargain that it FLEW out of the store last year.

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