2010 Trader Joe’s Petit Reserve Grenache

Price: $6.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

2010 Trader Joes Petit Reserve GrenacheAs usual little to be heard here given the Trader Joe’s designation. The only thing we learn from turning the bottle around is that this one is made by the Hahn Family Wines. Checking their site shows a GSM but no varietal bottling of Grenache so it looks like we are on our own here…

What I Think:

(14.2%) Made by the Hahn Family this Grenache hails from Lodi. It starts rich, ripe and juicy with loads of black cherry flavor. A bit over the top and a touch sweet (can almost feel tomorrow’s headache…) before toning down a bit on the backend to deliver some spice on a short finish. This one could have used some acidity for balance. That said if you like your wines fruit forward (and don’t mind a touch of sweetness) this one might be for you.

Rating: Serviceable <- to absentmindedly drink but not recommended to “taste”…

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7 thoughts on “2010 Trader Joe’s Petit Reserve Grenache

  1. What do you think about 2008 TJ’s reserve GSM? It does not taste like a $7 bottle of wine and we have many paso wine clubs and feel you could tag it for around $25

  2. I just bought the GSM yesterday at the Oceanside Trader Joe’s. It is under their “reserve” label and it is 24% grenache, 55% syrah and 21% mourvedre. To me it was really good and just wondering what other people thought? We let it breath and it got better over the course of the night.

    • I grabbed a bottle of this yesterday but it clocked in at $10 (which aligns with their usual “reserve” line pricing) here in SF. Share thoughts soon!

  3. I did some internet research and i believe this paso GSM blend comes from Kukkula winery and is their 2008 Sisu which has the exact same percentage blend of varietals. It sells on their site for $30.

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