2006 Summers Napa Valley Charbono

2006 Summers Napa Valley CharbonoPrice: $21.00 @ Mill Valley Market

What They Said:

Per Jon Bonné “Just 85 acres of Charbono are planted in California. Its fans are few but devoted, including Calistoga’s Summers family. Their estate vineyard produces the most Charbono in the state, including the fruit for this lively effort, aged in 50 percent new American oak, with its engaging dusty, floral scents that preface an overt fruit – crushed raspberry and blueberry – with an herbal-tinged finish and buoyant acidity that reminds you why it’s so pleasing with food.”

What I Think:

I had this one a bit ago with pork chops. Pork chops is the inside code for the wife was away as she is not a fan of the swine. This time the kids were away to so it was a quiet and I was looking forward to spending the night with a (pseudo)new grape. I had never had Charbono before but I have had quite a few experiences with Bonarda aka Charbono. After my last trip to Argentina in early 2006 I have been on the lookout for more Bonarda to appear in the US market but it has yet to materialize. As they give the average Malbec a run for their money at half the price I guess it is no surprise. Anyhow, this waiting led me to learn about Charbono which in turn led me to grabbing this bottle to pair with pork chops. Care to hear more?

On the nose this jumps out with juicy, raspberry aromas. Traces of mint linger closely by. Smooth and silky on the palate this wine coats the tongue with smacking tannins on a nice, dry herbal finish. Do you know the kind of finish I mean? An effort that nicely balances fruit with acidity and is easy to drink. At the same time I prefer to see a few more dimensions (or better said a bit more complexity) at this price point. I know, I am hard to please… That said I will be trying more Charbono, anyone out there have any favorites to recommend?

Rating: Pricey