2010 Thymiopoulos Young Vines Xinomavro

I’ve had Xinomavro (Ksee-no-ma-vro), a Greek varietal meaning “Acid Black”, on my mind for a while and my hope is to follow up with a post on why (hint: because the wines are excellent and affordable) soon. That said in the meantime something is better than the alternative so I wanted to share this enjoyable wine for the time being…

2010 Thymiopoulos Young Vines XinomavroPrice: $13.99 @ K&L Wines imported by Athenne Imports

What They Said:

Per Athenne Importers Splendid, purple red colour. Complex, typical bouquet of red small fruits, cherry, blackberry, plum. Full mouth, rounded tannins, balanced acidity. Long and pleasant aftertaste. The vineyards are located at Trilofos and Fytia, at southern tip of the appellation of Naoussa.

What I Think:

(13.5%) The 2nd vintage of the single vineyard that has been bottled it is the younger sibling of the Uranos offering from the same winery that is only made from 15+ year old vines. Bright, brooding red cherries up front with fresh acidity and spiced cinnamon notes before soft, chalky, minerally tannins (the limestone shines through) take over on a dry, lingering finish. Smooth, pure and focused throughout. While good on its own this one shines with burgers. Perhaps a bit simple at $14 compared to some of its brethren that cost just a few dollars more but certainly an enjoyable wine…

Rating: Worth Exploring

Wine Geek Notes: Imported by Athenne Importers, biodynamic, fruit from 5-15 year old vines

QOTD: How about you? Have you tried Xinomavro? And if so what are your favorites?