2005 Losen Estate Riesling Kabinett

Price: $5.99 @ Trader Joe’s imported by Plume Ridge Wine Negotiants

What They Said:

Per Wine-O-Rama “Found this today at Trader Joe’s for $8.29. We thought it must be horrid, but turned out to be quite nice. As is typical for rieslings from the Mosel, lots of apple and pear. Hardly anything from the citrus posse (which we love in a riesling.) Kabinett? Hardly. 9.5% alcohol and nothing very subtle about it. Could use a bit more acidity kick to balance out the sweetness. The bottle also says “Estate Bottled.” Huh? NOT Estate Grown… But this was still pretty good in spite of its shortcomings (and at a great price!) It’s not quite up there with world class German rieslings, but ALMOST. It’s worth getting more (if more exists by the time we get back to Trader Joe’s!”

What I Think:

I opened this bottle when my wife mentioned we were having Thai, due to missing ingredients fajitas made it to the table instead. Without regard to the deviation in plan I poured the wine. The results were somewhat ambiguous. This Riesling is the definition of a quaffer. It has the typical sweetness you would expect but it is not overbearing. This wine showed better on its own given this pairing and would likely excel with, what I view as, a proper spicy Asian food pairing.

I was expecting my first true gift from keeping this blog. I have never, never been able to remember which was the TJ’s Riesling I liked between this and the Dr. Beckermann’s. Now after reviewing both I still don’t know. It seems that they had both of these in stock for an eternity so my next step is a side by side taste test to finally determine the winner. Feel free to try this exercise on your own as this wine won’t disappoint.

Rating: 12th Bottle