2006 El Portillo Malbec

Price: $6.99 @ The Wine Club imported by The San Francisco Wine Exchange

What They Said:

Per the Importer “Deep hues of ruby red gain intensity from shades of shimmering violet in this Malbec with good structure, medium acidity and a long finish. Rich with fruit, the nose is reminiscent of plums and blackberries. Tannins as soft as velvet set the stage for an enviably round finish.”

What I Think:

This is a bottle I picked up while grabbing the Ridge when I was shopping at The Wine Club. As mentioned previously I have been impressed by their prices. This one retails at $13.99 at BevMo and even if you get it at their sale price of $9.99 you are still paying almost 50% more than the $6.99 price tag you find at The Wine Club.

This one we opened when we had my dad and his wife, as well as another couple, over for dinner so my notes and thoughts on this bottle are limited. On opening this and taking a look there is nothing notable about the color but when you stick your nose in the glass the fruit interlaced with spices that I was expecting doesn’t appear. I think to myself that this doesn’t bode well. On the palate you find a nice light texture laced with light fruit that gives way to darker, chocolate-y flavors as we move along the palate before winding down to a soft finishing of lingering tannins in the back of the mouth. Perhaps pasta wasn’t the best pairing as the fruit seemed somewhat repressed and muted in comparison to my expectations. The bottle did improve as the night went on but never really moved beyond an average effort. Given that I prefer bottles I have had in the past. If you want an easy drinker stick to the Alamos or if you prefer something more complex grab a bottle of the Terrazas de los Andes.

A final thought on the wine club, of the six bottles I brought home along with the Ridge to date I have consumed four. It appears I have chosen poorly. It makes me believe that roaming the store and buying wine on the spot based on the staff write-up isn’t a good idea for me. Perhaps the two Pinot’s I have remaining will change my mind.

Rating: Skip It