2005 Muralhas de Monaco Vinho Verde

Price: $12.99 @ Friend/Gift imported by Aidil Wines

What They Said:

Per everywine.uk “The cooperative Adega de Moncao started out in 1958 with 25 growers while today they have more than 1,600. An enjoyable white wine full of fruity peach and apricot aromas, it is well balanced, persistent, smooth with a dry flavour.”

What I Think:

After the champagne was finished we opened this bottle of Portuguese Vinho Verde that our friends had brought with them. At the time I had some misconceptions as to what Vinho Verde was all about. I had long wanted to try it but had always thought it was a lower end white offering which led me to believe I could find some values in this area. It is amazing how a quick trip to Wikipedia can clear up misconceptions, love that.

It is always interesting to drink a wine and then fill in the “they said” part afterwards. With my preconceptions of Vinho Verde fully in tact at the time of consumption it is interesting to see how this new knowledge compares to my tasting notes. Here they were brief as we had guests. This wine has a bouquet full of nectarines and like fruits. On the palate it was slightly champagne like with a light spritz and flavors of grapefruit leading to a dry finish. Definitely a young wine and it appears to be made to be consumed that way. Perhaps a little too much acid for me on the finish, but certainly a eye opening experience.

So now what I learned afterwards, first off Vinho Verde is not a grape, it is a wine growing area which translates to “green wine”. Not for the color but because they are meant to be consumed young, hey I got that part. This bottle was actually an albarino blend with trajadura. Wow, I never would have guessed! I had a great time getting to know this wine and will certainly be on the look out for more wines from this region next time I am in the store.

Rating: Wow!