2005 Blason de Bourgogne Burgundy

Price: $5.99 @ TJ’s imported by Plume Ridge Wine Negotiants

 What They Said:

Per quaffability “wine sparked a little controversy at my house. I had low expectations for it, having bought the bottle primarily because I liked the packaging but had never heard of the brand. Drinkable Pinot Noir at this price is impossible to find. Drinkable Burgundy at this price hasn’t been available since Bardot was a pretty young thang. But upon opening I was pleasantly surprised to find a wine that was at least potable, if not quite quaffable.

It had a nose of raspberries with some sandalwood and a touch of barnyard. Pretty normal Burgundy aroma. Color and texture were very light with acidity that bordered on the shrill. The finish was very dry, with a slight resin-like quality in what little flavor that lingered.

After a few sips my drinking partner asked if I was opening another bottle. I said not yet at least. I had a fairly spicy stir-fry on the stove and I though it would do okay with the heat, and it did. After dinner, drinking seemed to become a chore, so we consigned the rest to the lower shelf on the door of the fridge, where sauce wines go.”

What I Think:

In a word, not so good.  I haven’t had too much from the Burgundy region and I learned a very important lesson here, don’t start at the bottom.  If you start way down here how can I tell if this is just bad altogether or if I don’t prefer the region.  Either way, do what you can to keep this out of your house.

Rating: Avoid It