2003 Caronne Ste Gemme – Haut-Medoc

Price: $17.99 @ K&L Wines

What They Said:

Per K&L Wines The 2003 Caronne Ste. Gemme was awarded 4 Stars in the November 2006 Decanter blind tasting and 5 Stars from the prestigious Revue des Vins de France. According to Food & Wine magazine’s Wine Guide: ** (very good – distinctive) “Abundant fruit & herb flavors are competing for attention, but they’ll work it out in 3-12 years…” Clive Coates writes: “Good colour. Good plump fruit here on the nose. Very well-made. Medium to medium-full. Plenty of ripe, ample, stylish fruit. Good tannins. Plenty of grip. All very well put together. No undue astringency at all. Good plus. From 2008.” (June 2004)

What I Think:

Guess I should have read what they were saying above before popping the cork on this one…Day 1 this wine was not quite for me. After sitting for two days this seemed to be a whole different ball game, real dark fruit that lasted in the mouth for a long time before fading away to an herbal finish that lasts for a while. Hardly any tannins at all, aren’t wiines that need aging to “sort it out” usually laced with tannins? Maybe they are there but surpressed by the lushness of the fruit, there is enough of it that it makes it is hard to hone in on any of them. Seems like on the lighter side there may be some cherries and certainly some darker fruit and just a hint of something spicier, seems like black pepper to me. At this point it was certainly a nice wine, would love to see what it does after a couple more years of lying down. Just not so sure I want to pay the price to find out. Don’t think so, but if I do I will change the rating.

Rating: Pricey